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8PM ET: Arrowhead

Charlton Heston, Jack Palance, and Katy Jurado star! Ed Bannon, Chief of Scouts for the U.S. Army, doesn’t believe the Apaches want a peace treaty. Instead, he wonders: is this all just a trap?






12AM ET: Invitation to a Gunfighter

Yul Brynner stars! Just back from the Civil War, Matt Weaver finds his homestead sold and his fiancé married to another man. Fearing revenge, the town hires a notorious gunman to get rid of him.





Be Still Their Beating Hearts...

Stampeding Hearts – A Month of Romance in the West
Beginning Friday, February 3 at 8pm ET
The INSP stars have aligned themselves perfectly for a stampede of beating hearts and pulse-pounding Wild West adventures—all month long. Hollywood icons and top movie heartthrobs light up the screen, so you can bask in their glow while you get your fill of romance.

Let’s hear it for the boys: John Wayne, James Stewart, Audie Murphy, Sam Elliott, Clark Gable, Yul Brynner, Charlton Heston, Walter Huston, Tom Selleck, Jack Palance, Robert Wagner, Robert Taylor, and Burt Lancaster, among others.

And let’s give three cheers for the ladies: Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Russell, Katharine Ross, Audrey Hepburn, Susan Oliver, Isabella Rossellini, Eleanor Parker, Katy Jurado, Debra Paget, Gail Russell, Janice Rule, and Virginia Madsen too.

Hearts will be throbbing, and fists will be flying all month long! So, sit back and watch as the sparks—and the punches—start to fly!


8PM ET: Last Stand at Saber River


8PM ET: Arrowhead


8PM ET: White Feather
10:30PM ET: The Far Country
12:30AM ET: Angel and the Badman


2PM ET: Invitation to a Gunfighter

8PM ET: Crossfire Trail

2PM ET: The Unforgiven
4PM ET: The Furies

Punch Bowl: Big Game Sunday Event

Skip the Big Game… Go for the Punch Bowl!
Beginning Sunday, February 12 at 9am ET

Looking for something more thrilling, more entertaining, and more satisfying than the big game? Spend the day with us as we kick-off something Super Special: The Punch Bowl!

We’ve got over three hours of Gunsmoke—featuring amazing guest stars like Chuck Connors, James Drury, Ken Curtis and Burt Reynolds—and, of course, Festus! Then, there’s the movie, Gunsmoke: The Last Apache with James Arness and Michael Learned, followed by more movies with Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Virginia Madsen, and Katharine Ross.

Finally, we close out the Punch Bowl with more Gunsmoke (Sam Elliott guest stars! Bonus!) and finally, Yul Brynner stars in Invitation to a Gunfighter.

Sunday was never so Super!


9AM ET: Preacher
9:30AM ET: Reed Survives
10AM ET: Eliab’s Aim
11AM ET: Deputy Festus


12PM ET: Gunsmoke: The Last Apache


2PM ET: Crossfire Trail


4PM ET: The Sacketts


8:30PM ET: Conagher


11PM ET: The Wedding


12AM ET: Invitation to a Gunfighter

Heart's on Fire: A Valentine's Day Event

Yes, our Western movies have been all about the love this month! Now, here’s our Valentine’s gift to you: hours of love stories straight out of the Wild West (and our favorite Western TV shows).

Spot some beloved TV stars including William Shatner, Barbara Eden, Michael Learned, Alan Hale Jr., and more.

There’s romance morning, noon, and night this Valentine’s Day on some classic Western TV shows, including GunsmokeThe Virginian, Tales of Wells Fargo, Cheyenne, and Rawhide.

So, do yourself and your sweetheart a favor: cuddle up on the couch and watch this showcase of Western love stories. You’ll laugh; you’ll cry; and you’ll remember why you love being their Valentine (and ours, too!).


7AM ET: 
Quaker Girl


The Virginian
8AM ET: Dead-Eye Dick


Tales of Wells Fargo
9:30AM ET: Belle Star


10AM ET: Romeo
10:30AM ET: Old Faces
11AM ET: Chester’s Mail Order Bride
11:30AM ET: Kitty Lost


12PM ET: The Woman Trap
1PM ET: Incident of the Reluctant Bridegroom


Wagon Train
2PM ET: Princess of a Lost Tribe
3PM ET: The Candy O’Hara Story


4PM ET: Robber Bridegroom
4:30PM ET: Young Love


5PM ET: Johnny Bravo


6PM ET: Incident West of Lano


7PM ET: Mayblossom


Tales of Wells Fargo
8PM ET: Wild Cargo
8:30PM ET: The Auction


9PM ET: Matt’s Love Story
10PM ET: Old Flame
10:30PM ET: Minnie


Tales of Wells Fargo
11PM ET: Billy the Kid
11:30PM ET: Bill Longley

Saddle Up Saturday

Hit the Trail Every Saturday…

The jingle of spurs. The creak of oiled leather. From gunslingers to saloon singers, the Old West is alive and well on INSP. Best keep your remote at hand and be quick on the draw. The action keeps coming every Saturday with all the Western stars you love. So, start your weekend off right—with hot coffee, some grub, and INSP. Western action starts at 9AM ET. Now, let’s ride!