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Best of the Bad Guys

INSP fans: who among us doesn’t love a great bad guy? This month, we want YOU to decide which bad guys are your favorites—and we’ve got some candidates for the best of the bad guys in movies we’re airing on the first three Friday nights in April.


Sometimes, it’s easy to spot the bad guy. He’s the troublemaker who gets under your skin and drives you crazy. Other times, the bad guy is disguised as the good guy—but you spot him all the same. He’s the character you love to hate—but sometimes you just love him anyway.


While you’re loving or hating these outlaws and varmints, enjoy some great movies filled with stars like James Garner, Joan Hackett, Walter Brennan, Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern, James Stacy, Paul Newman, Richard Boone, and more. Tune in and see for yourself how much fun it is to watch some truly great bad guys!



9PM ET: Posse



9PM ET: Hombre

Peck Protects: Gregory Peck Movie Weekend

We’re having a birthday celebration for Gregory Peck—and you’re invited! INSP fans love Gregory Peck for his commanding presence, conviction for his causes, and intelligence in every situation in his action-packed Westerns.


Gregory Peck leads the charge, with co-stars Ward Bond, Desi Arnaz Jr., Neville Brand, Joan Collins, Richard Widmark, and Anne Baxter in tow. Whether he’s helping a young partner, trying to fend off an Apache attack, avenging his wife’s murder, or standing up for a defenseless woman and her grandfather, Peck protects—to INSP fans’ delight!


Fire up the popcorn and settle in for some bullets-blazing, passions-flaring, fists-flying fun with our favorite birthday boy: Gregory Peck!



9PM ET: Billy Two Hats

11PM ET: Only the Valiant



2PM ET: The Bravados

4PM ET: Yellow Sky

Ride With Rory: Double Feature Event

Giddyap, partner! It’s time to saddle up and ride with Rory Calhoun for our double-feature event. This popular star of Western movies and television shows rode the range in over 80 films and over 1,000 TV episodes—and INSP fans know and love him!


This month, Rory’s ready for action as a reformed gunslinger who must keep a powerful rancher with murder on his mind from wiping out ordinary farmers; and as a drifter who must save a woman who is the sole survivor of an Apache attack as they seek shelter in a desolate canyon.


Get ready for your Saturday night with Rory Calhoun – and see why he’s an enduring favorite of Western fans everywhere!



8PM ET: Red Sundown

9:30PM ET: Apache Territory

In Honor of Chuck: A Chuck Connors Marathon

The late, great Chuck Connors’ birthday was April 10, so we thought we’d celebrate him—and delight you—with one of his great Western films plus five episodes of his iconic and beloved series, The Rifleman.


Whether he’s a buffalo hunter looking for revenge or he’s Lucas McCain, fending off outlaws while teaching his son how to be a good man, Chuck Connors embodies the essence of a Western hero. Smart, strong, and sure—and willing to fight for what he holds near and dear.


It’s a birthday tribute for Chuck, a terrific actor, Western star, and Hollywood legend… and a special birthday gift for INSP fans!



9PM ET: Ride Beyond Vengeance

11:30 PM ET: The Rifleman: The Sharpshooter

12:00 AM ET: The Rifleman: The Home Ranch

12:30 AM ET: The Rifleman: End of a Lone Gun

1:00 AM ET: The Rifleman: The Marshal

1:30 AM ET: The Rifleman: The Brother-in-Law

Streets of Laredo Epic Mini-Series Event

You thought we were done celebrating James Garner’s birthday month, but we’ve got a great surprise in store for you—this epic mini-series!


The Streets of Laredo Parts 1, 2, and 3 feature the brilliant characters from Larry McMurtry’s acclaimed novel. James Garner shines as Woodrow Call, and Sam Shepherd, Sissy Spacek, West Studi, Warren Beatty, and others also deliver powerful performances.


Woodrow, a former Texas Ranger-turned-Bounty Hunter, has been hired by an eastern railroad baron who wants him to find Joey Garza. Joey is just a boy but he’s a whole new breed of killer—one who uses a rifle to nab his prey and he does it from a great distance.


Call teams up with his long-time friend, Pea Eye, for one last shot at glory before they return to retirement. But there are other outlaws to deal with on the road ahead, and danger lurks at every turn…


INSP fans like you will agree: the Western mini-series is the perfect way to end our James Garner birthday celebration—with a bang!



9PM ET: Streets of Laredo Part 1



9PM ET: Streets of Laredo Part 2



9PM ET: Streets of Laredo Part 3

Saddle Up Saturday


Hit the Trail Every Saturday…

The jingle of spurs. The creak of oiled leather. From gunslingers to saloon singers, the Old West is alive and well on INSP. Best keep your remote at hand and be quick on the draw. The action keeps coming every Saturday with all the Western stars you love. So, start your weekend off right—with hot coffee, some grub, and INSP. Western action starts at 9AM ET. Now, let’s ride!