How the West Was Won

How the West Was Won

Stars James Arness, Bruce Boxleitner, Kathryn Holcomb, and Fionnula Fannagan!

Follow the adventures of the Macahan family! Zeb Macahan reunites with his family and leads them on the perilous journey west from Virginia, just as the Civil War breaks out. When tragedy strikes, Zeb, a well-known mountain man and scout, finds himself the head of the family, responsible for protecting and defending them.

How the West Was Won


Mountain man, Zebulan Macahan has a renowned reputation as a trapper, trader and scout for the U.S. Army, working the Indian Territories in the early 1860s. He makes a good living and is comfortable in his lifestyle. But trouble is brewing, as the Civil War breaks out. Concerned about family he hasn’t seen in years, living in Manassas, Virginia, Zeb treks back east to reunite with his brother, Tim, Tim’s wife, Kate and their sons, Luke and Josh and daughters, Jessie and Laura. Now the war is coming too close to home, so the family packs up and Zeb leads them west, hoping to settle in Oregon. They get as far as Nebraska, and decide to homestead there for the winter until they can continue on to Oregon.

As the war escalates, Tim heads back to Virginia to bring his and Zeb’s parents west, but when he doesn’t return within a reasonable time, Luke leaves to look for him. Both Luke and Tim, unbeknownst to the other, are involuntarily drafted into the Union Army. When his entire platoon is killed, Luke deserts and starts to make his way back to Zeb and his family. Luke is now a wanted man and on the run, as a sheriff he shot in self-defense will not stop hunting him down until he sees Luke hang. Meanwhile, life at the homestead is not without its own drama. A renegade mountain man escapes jail and goes gunning for Zeb, who put him behind bars for killing innocent Indians.

Over the years, adventures abound, from Luke keeping just steps ahead of the vengeful sheriff to a tragedy that brings Kate’s sister, Molly Culhane, a wealthy Chicago widow west, to Zeb fighting for his family, not to mention, hints of sweet romance.

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How the West Was Won: Hillary

Sunday, November 17th | 8PM ET

Luke had been accused of murdering Judge Renson, but now, after a long search, he finally finds the man he believes is the real killer. With the help of a feisty sheriff, Luke sets out to clear his name of the murder charge…and win back the love of his former, and very neglected girlfriend, Hillary.


How the West Was Won: The Gunfighter

Monday, November 18th | 2AM ET

Henry Coe hires gunfighter, Frank Grayson to “persuade” settlers to leave the valley, so he can take the land he considers his. As Frank becomes friendly with the Macahans, Luke and the neighbors resist. But, being threatened at gunpoint isn’t the only danger. Laura finds herself attracted to the ruthless hired gun.