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Your Best Westerns: Fan Favorites Every Friday Night

Facebook fans, unite! We asked you to tell us about your favorite Westerns, and you have spoken! In response, we’ve put together a feature presentation of Friday night movies, especially for INSP’s biggest fans.

Do you want to watch iconic Westerns with Hollywood’s biggest stars from the days when Westerns ruled the screen? Or maybe you’d prefer more recent, action-packed fare with contemporary actors? Or both! Here’s the good news: we’ve got one of those great movies in store for you every Friday night in March!

Kick off your weekends with John Wayne, Angie Dickinson, James Stewart, Julie Adams, Kirk Douglas, John Cusack, John Goodman, Natalie Wood, Claude Akins, Kevin Costner, and others. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder how you’ll ever wait until next Friday for your much-needed fix of Western movie greatness!


9PM ET: The Jack Bull


9PM ET: Rio Bravo


9PM ET: Silverado


9PM ET: Bend of the River


9PM ET: The Man from Snowy River

Cowboy Kirk: Kirk Douglas Movie Weekend

Kirk Douglas is a true Hollywood legend! In his 70-year-long career, he was admired for his body of work, especially in Westerns. He’s an INSP fan favorite, and that’s why we’ve put together this collection of great movies that show Kirk at his cowboy best!

Whether he’s a mountaineer, an aspiring timber baron, a U.S. Marshal, or a young rancher, Kirk Douglas is always tough, fair, intense, and mesmerizing.

Come along and watch Kirk Douglas as he takes on all comers in the Wild West—and shows them how to do things the Cowboy Kirk way!


9PM ET: The Big Sky
12AM ET: The Big Trees


2PM ET: Along the Great Divide
9PM ET: The Man from Snowy River

Legendary Ladies: Women of the West Weekend

All the Legendary Ladies: Put Your Hands Up! You must be a strong woman to have the grit, faith, fortitude, and courage to make it in the Wild West. So, this month, we’ve gathered a slate of amazing movies—plus one epic miniseries —that feature some truly unforgettable Women of the West.

These women include the famous gals from Bill Hickok’s Wild West Show; a bunch of mail order brides looking for a new life; a spunky redhead fighting off a range war; a cattle rustler’s aggrieved ex-girlfriend; and a feisty saloon owner wrongfully accused of murder! Each of these iconic Westerns features famous female stars, including INSP fan favorites Maureen O’Hara, Barbara Stanwyck, Reba McEntire, and Joan Crawford.

Get ready for a weekend filled with gunfights, lynch mobs, cattle rustlers—and women who have the guts to bring them all down! Saddle up…it’s going to be a thrilling ride!


2PM ET: Buffalo Girls (Part 1)
9PM ET: Westward the Women


10:30 AM ET: The Redhead from Wyoming
12PM ET: The Moonlighter
2PM ET: Buffalo Girls (Part 2)
9PM ET: Johnny Guitar

How The West Was Written: Louis L’Amour Movie Weekend

Nobody brought America’s Wild West to life like Louis L’Amour. He penned over 100 novels, 250+ short stories, and sold more than 320 million copies of his thrilling “frontier books.” His ability to tell an action-packed tale about cowboys and Indians, ranchers and cattle rustlers, lawmen and outlaws, made his work perfect for the movies!

This month, we’re celebrating Louis L’Amour with three of his best Western tales-turned-into movies. These compelling stories feature men heading West; the fear and terror of living through Apache uprisings; and a brother’s fight to bring his rancher brother’s murderer to justice. Enjoy amazing star turns from John Wayne, Geraldine Page, Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, Claude Akins, and others.

Grab the popcorn, settle in with someone special, and see great movies that show you all the trials and triumphs of the Wild West—Louis L’Amour style!


12PM ET: The Sacketts
9PM ET: Hondo


9PM ET: The Burning Hills

Saddle Up Saturday


Hit the Trail Every Saturday…

The jingle of spurs. The creak of oiled leather. From gunslingers to saloon singers, the Old West is alive and well on INSP. Best keep your remote at hand and be quick on the draw. The action keeps coming every Saturday with all the Western stars you love. So, start your weekend off right—with hot coffee, some grub, and INSP. Western action starts at 9AM ET. Now, let’s ride!