Plucky redhead, Kate Maxwell comes to the Wyoming territory to run a casino and a cattle-buying business for her sweetheart. But, unless the Sheriff steps in, she may take the fall as a cattle rustler instead.


The Redhead from Wyoming

Meet Kate Maxwell, the sly, spunky redhead who gets mixed up in a range war…and the quiet, unassuming Sheriff who doesn’t know if he should trust her.

A range war is brewing in the Wyoming Territory now that greedy cattle barons want to drive new settlers off the range. With tensions mounting, Jim Averell begins his campaign for Governor by vowing to fight for the settlers and protect them from land barons like Reece Duncan.

He brings in his old sweetheart, Kate Maxwell, and her showgirls to start a casino for the town. Kate shouldn’t trust Averell since he tricked her into participating in a crooked scheme back in Texas. But, since she loves him, she believes him when he says that he is setting her up as a cattle owner with a brand registered in her name.

To everyone’s amazement, Kate rides, shoots, and brands the cattle like the best cowboy on the range. She has no idea that Averell has secretly hired rustlers to steal Duncan’s cows—or that he’s the one inciting a range war.

Sheriff Blaine sees what’s happening and he does his best to keep the peace. At first he thinks that Kate is in cahoots with Averell. But he soon realizes that Kate is being set up, and that he is actually attracted to her. In spite of his doubts, Sheriff Blaine tells her about the looming range war.

The stakes are getting very high for Kate. She could end up accused of cattle rustling – and hanged! So now, she must decide: which man does she trust – and how will she get out of this alive?