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Clint Walker stars! Join Cheyenne Bodie as he travels from town to town, seeking truth and justice. Created during the Golden Age of Television, this Western delivers the very best of the Wild West!



Monday-Thursday | 10AM-11AM ET | WEEKDAYS | 6PM-7PM ET

This classic American Western featured 108 black and white programs that followed the travails of Cheyenne Bodie, played by Clint Walker.

This beloved program was the first hour-long Western to air on television and the first in a long line of Warner Brothers original series from producer William T. Orr. It was also one of the highest-rated shows on television from 1955-1963.

After Cheyenne Bodie’s parents were killed by Indians, 10-year-old, Bodie was raised by the Cheyenne until he voluntarily left at age 18. His life among the Indians has given him survival skills as well as a compassionate understanding of their way of life.

Now, this gentle giant of a cowboy roams from town to town, confronting injustice, righting wrongs, and finding action and adventure around every bend. From cattle drives to gunslingers, tough cowboys to mysterious strangers and romantic prospects, Cheyenne stays true to his high morals and is the epitome of a Western hero.

Since this show aired during the Golden Age of television, you’ll see guest stars in the beginning of their careers who went on to become big stars in their own right. These stars include:

  • James Garner: considered for the lead role in Cheyenne that ultimately went to Clint Walker. Appeared as Lt. Forsythe in “Mountain Fortress” in 1955 (the first episode of the series), in episode 8 as Lt. Rogers in “Decision” (1956), episode 15 of season 1 as Rev. Bret Mailer in “The Last Train West” (1956), and in the second season as Peake in “War Party” (1957)

  • Lorne Greene: appeared in as Colonel Bell in “Gold” and “Glory” (1960)

  • Michael Landon: appeared in “Decision” (1956) and “The White Warrior” (1958)

  • Sally Kellerman: appeared in “The Durango Brothers” (1962)

  • George Kennedy: appeared in “Prisoner of Moon Mesa” (1959)

  • Angie Dickinson: appeared in “War Party” (1957)

  • And many more!

Whether you watched Cheyenne way back when or you’re a newcomer to these parts, get ready to enjoy this exciting journey into the best of the Wild West!