About INSP

You Think You Know INSP? Think Again.

TV Like You Remember It—Get to Know INSP

Some people might have a few preconceived notions about INSP. So let’s clear the slate and set the record straight! Yes, INSP is a family-friendly entertainment network. It’s TV the way you remember it, perhaps when you were a kid—timeless Westerns, heartfelt family tales, action-packed drama, plus INSP original shows and movies.

You want star power? We got it—from Hollywood’s golden age to today’s big names. Check the schedule, and you might catch John Wayne or Bruce Willis, Audie Murphy or Matthew McConaughey, Barbara Stanwyck, Tom Selleck or Sissy Spacek! And who doesn’t love James Arness and Trace Adkins? We got them, too.

Watch our video and see what you can look forward to on INSP.




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