Wrangler Sam Burnett escorts British widow Martha Price, her daughter Hilary and their prize bull to Texas. Now Sam is smitten with Martha and not only does he have to fend off rival suitors, but also rival ranchers who will do anything to keep the travelers from their destination.


The Rare Breed

James Stewart, Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith and Don Galloway star in this lighthearted Western adventure that combines thievery, vengeance and romance!

Martha Price, her husband and grown daughter Hilary have an ambitious dream: to bring their prize Hereford bull, Vindicator, to America where they hope to establish the very first of its refined hornless breed and cross it with the tougher Texas Longhorn. But during the long and perilous sea journey, Martha’s husband suffers an accident and dies. Now mother and daughter are left to fend for themselves when they finally reach American shores.

Vindicator is the product of many years of careful breeding. His nature is more of a pet than temperamental breeding stock. In fact, having nurtured the placid bovine since birth, Hilary can summon him to follow her simply by whistling, “God Save the Queen.”

Most ranchers are not willing to cross their cattle with the Hereford, fearing the more delicate bull would never survive the harsh western winters on the range. However, Vindicator sparks a bidding war at auction and sells to Charles Ellsworth who represents wealthy Texas Rancher and former Scottish soldier, Alexander Bowen.

The women hire Sam Burnett, a local wrangler whose reputation for stopping a bull in its tracks simply by looking at it, to escort Vindicator west to Bowen’s Texas ranch. On impulse Martha decides that instead of remaining behind, she and Hilary would make the trek with Sam by train then wagon over rough terrain into the wilds of the west. Though he protests Sam is powerless to deny her, as he is smitten with her beauty and independence. But Sam has a secret that would certainly ruin his chances with the fiery widow, and that’s not the only obstacle in his way. Not only does he have to fend off rival suitors, but rival ranchers will do anything to keep Vindicator from reaching Bowen’s property. Then Bowen, himself, though unkempt and rough around the edges has eyes for the British beauty. Lest Martha be the only one to attract love, Hilary, too has a chance for romance when an unlikely admirer emerges from among Texas cowboys caring for Vindicator.

The Rare Breed is an uplifting reflection of the American spirit, a story of adventure, triumph, teamwork in the face of enormous obstacles and ultimately, of love.