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New INSP Schedule Changes

On the Move in February!

Starting on January 31

Gunsmoke and Cheyenne Switcheroo…

Stay with us! We have lots of moving parts here.


Dodge in color! Gunsmoke takes over Cheyenne’s spot at 7AM ET

Cheyenne hits the trail, replacing The High Chaparral at 8AM ET

Cheyenne on INSP






Gunsmoke is back for a half hour, at 1:30PM ET, as The Virginian takes a rest.






Wagon Train re-routes to replace The Virginian at 2PM ET and The Waltons at 3PM ET.






Sneak Peek!

Get ready for Tom Selleck, Sam Elliott, more Gunsmoke and romance, sweet romance, in February. And be on the lookout for a couple of intriguing new original shows, too!