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Born to Ride: Cowboys of May Birthday Event

INSP fans: get ready to saddle up for a birthday event like no other! This month, we’ve got nine great cowboys (and one cowgirl) with May birthdays that we’ll be featuring in films.

Whether they’re a gunslinger or a reformed gunfighter, doctor or lawman, cattleman or farmer, Civil War veteran, adventurer, or ranch hand—these people are strong, courageous, and ready to fight for their lives.

Enjoy their gritty and brave performances in movies filled with May birthday celebrants like John Wayne, Jeanne Crain, Glenn Ford, Gary Cooper, Bruce Boxleitner, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, and more. Tune in and celebrate along with us. You bring the cake; we’ll bring the birthday cowboys. Let’s ride!





9PM ET: The Tin Star



9PM ET: Tall in the Saddle



9PM ET: Broken Arrow



9PM ET: The Far Country



9PM ET: Big Jake

Cowboys of May Birthdays!

Glenn Ford

Birthday: May 1

Birthplace: Sainte-Christine-d’Auvergne, Quebec, Canada

Fun Facts: As a high school student, Glenn Ford took a job working for Will Rogers, who taught him horsemanship. Later, when he lived in Beverly Hills, he illegally raised 140 Leghorn chickens—until local law enforcement ordered him to stop.


Gary Cooper

Birthday: May 7

Birthplace: Helena, Montana

Fun Facts: Gary Cooper was good friends with Ernest Hemingway for over 20 years. Hemingway said that he based the character of Robert Jordan on Cooper in his novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls.


Bruce Boxleitner

Birthday: May 12

Birthplace: Elgin, Illinois

Fun Facts: Bruce Boxleitner got his big break when he was cast opposite James Arness in the epic television series, How the West Was Won. He’s also the author of two science fiction novels.


Henry Fonda

Birthday: May 16

Birthplace: Grand Island, Nebraska

Fun Facts: As a young boy, Henry Fonda dreamed of being a journalist—but he caught the acting bug as a young man. In 1981, Fonda won his only Oscar for Best Actor in On Golden Pond, which was a final professional and personal triumph.


Jimmy Stewart

Birthday: May 20

Birthplace: Indiana, Pennsylvania

Fun Facts: Jimmy Stewart was a man of many talents: he played the accordion and never took an acting lesson. When he started as an actor, he became roommates with another young hopeful: Henry Fonda.


James Arness

Birthday: May 26

Birthplace: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fun Facts: James Arness’s younger brother was Peter Graves, from the Mission Impossible TV series. During World War II, Arness also served in the 3rd Infantry Division at the same time as Audie Murphy.


John Wayne

Birthday: May 26

Birthplace: Winterset, Iowa

Fun Facts: Born Marion Robert Morrison, the Duke won his only Oscar for True Grit, which was a professional triumph. Showing his sense of humor, Wayne also made a cameo appearance on The Beverly Hillbillies!


Clint Walker

Birthday: May 30

Birthplace: Hartford, Illinois

Fun Facts: Clint Walker was the tallest actor in Hollywood during his era—at 6’6’ tall! He had a twin sister named Lucy, and his daughter, Valerie, became one of the first female pilots in the world in 1968!


Clint Eastwood

Birthday: May 31

Birthplace: San Francisco, California

Fun Facts: Eastwood has won five Oscars including Best Actor and Best Director for the Western, Unforgiven. He says he got his biggest break when James Garner had him cast in his TV show, Maverick—which helped Clint later land the part of Rowdy Yates in Rawhide!

A Salute to the Duke: John Wayne Sunday Nights

INSP fans know that when it comes to Westerns, John Wayne is the King! Since his birthday falls on May 26th, we’re giving you some birthday gifts: Sunday Nights with the Duke in some of his best movies!


Experience the original Avenger, John Wayne, at his cowboy best. No matter if he’s the man searching for the traitor who caused his friend’s death, an angry son seeking his father’s murderer, a ranch hand helping his female bosses track down their father’s killer, or the aggrieved grandfather of a kidnapped boy, the Duke will fill your Sunday nights with decisive action and guns-a-blazing adventures!


Stars include John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Dean Martin, Jennifer O’Neill, Ward Bond, Ella Raines, Jack Elam, and more.


So, what do you say, partner? Come saddle up every Sunday night this month and help us Salute the Duke! (Birthday cake optional).




9PM ET: Tall in the Saddle



9PM ET: Big Jake

Western Royalty: The Duke and the Marshal

What do you get when you combine John Wayne, the King of Western films, and James Arness, the King of Western television? You get Western Royalty, of course!


Wayne and Arness share a birthday (May 26th) and that’s why we’re celebrating these two men, who are beloved and synonymous with great Western fare on screens big and small.


Today’s marathon begins with John Wayne introducing James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon for the very first time! After that, Arness plays a retired Marshal in a Gunsmoke movie made decades later. This birthday boy showcase concludes with a classic Western movie that stars The Duke.


Other great actors to watch for include George Kennedy, Buck Taylor, Amanda Blake, Dean Martin, and more.


Settle in for a Sunday filled with pulse-pounding action, trigger-happy gunmen, revenge sought, and redemption found—all with the Duke and The Marshal.



1:30PM ET: Gunsmoke: Matt Gets It

2PM ET: Gunsmoke: Return to Dodge

4PM ET: The Sons of Katie Elder

A Tale of Two Clints: Eastwood & Walker Birthday Event

Yes, it’s true! We’ve got two INSP fan-favorite cowboys named Clint, and they’ve both got birthdays at the end of May! Clint Walker (5/30) and Clint Eastwood (5/31) are beyond legendary, and we’re featuring them both in this birthday event.


Are you ready for a Friday night with the two birthday boys? We’ll get you out on the trail with two episodes of Rawhide—and Clint Eastwood in all his snarling glory! Rowdy faces troubles on the trail, and is held hostage when a horse deal gone wrong lands him in jeopardy of being hanged!


Next, Clint Walker plays an ex-lawyer turned Wyoming farmer with some big problems, including a land-grabbing neighbor, a ruthless bounty hunter, and a terrifying grizzly bear!


It’s a birthday event to remember—and we’ll light up your Friday night better than a birthday cake with Eastwood and Walker’s candles combined.



12PM ET: Rawhide: Crossing at White Feather

1PM ET: Rawhide: Hostage for Hanging

9PM ET: The Night of the Grizzly

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