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Wild West Octoberfest: Glenn Ford Movie Weekend

INSP fans, get ready to saddle up: we’re taking you on a wild ride with Glenn Ford! For over 50 years, Ford delighted fans and was a reliable box office draw. INSP viewers, you’ll know and love these Glenn Ford movies, so grab your popcorn, hunker down on the couch, and get ready to enjoy our Wild West Octoberfest!



Sat, Oct 1

8PM ET: The Desperadoes

Sat, Oct 1

10PM ET: Cowboy

Sun, Oct 2

2PM ET: Cimarron

Sun, Oct 2

8PM ET: The Fastest Gun Alive

Sun, Oct 2

12AM ET: Heaven with a Gun

Wild West Octoberfest: Robert Mitchum Movie Weekend

The Wild West Octoberfest fun continues with the star of stage and screen that was cool, calm, and unaffected: Robert Mitchum. Both women and men liked his “seen it all” demeanor and enjoyed him in film noir, romance dramas, and yes, Westerns. INSP fans, rejoice: We’ve got some of the best Mitchum movies for you with co-stars Marilyn Monroe, Angie Dickinson, Keith Carradine, Richard Widmark, and more. It’s going to be a wild ride every night this weekend!


Fri, 10/7

8PM ET: River of No Return

Sat, 10/8

8PM ET: Young Billy Young

Sun, 10/9

8PM ET: The Way West

Wild West Octoberfest: Richard Widmark Movie Weekend

Journey back to the Wild West with the always clever, always reliable, and forever heroic Richard Widmark.

Get ready to enjoy Richard Widmark every night this weekend during our Wild West Octoberfest movie weekend. Whether he’s an adventurer, cattle baron, or lawman, you’ll soon see why folks loved this actor and producer throughout his 60-plus year career.


Fri., 10/14

8PM ET: Alvarez Kelly

Sat., 10/15

8PM ET: Broken Lance

Sun., 10/16

8PM ET: The Last Wagon

Sun., 10/16

12AM ET: Once Upon a Texas Train

Wild West Octoberfest: Robert Taylor Double-Feature

Here’s a real Wild West Octoberfest treat for you: A Robert Taylor double-feature! Tune in on Friday night and get your fill of this unforgettable star that was once married to Barbara Stanwyck (for real!).

Whether he’s a rancher desperate to keep a cattle baron off his grazing land or an aging gunman seeking revenge, you’ll enjoy every minute of watching Robert Taylor in action!

Consider this a double date with Robert Taylor, one of the most popular Hollywood leading men of all time.

Sat., 10/22

8PM ET: Cattle King

Sat, 10/22

10PM ET: Return of the Gunfighter

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