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Best in the West: A Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner Western Movie Weekend

Duvall! Costner! Two Powerhouses in One Weekend!

No April Fools here! We’re kicking off April with two dynamic actors—especially when they don cowboy hats—Robert Duvall and Kevin Costner. The big weekend includes Open Range, in which they star together! So, get ready for the Old West. The new West. And golf!




Sat, 4/3

8PM ET: Silverado


Sun, 4/2

2PM ET: Geronimo: An American Legend – INSP Premiere

4:30PM ET: Seven Days in Utopia – INSP Premiere

8PM ET: Open Range

Peck Protects! A Gregory Peck Movie Weekend

Gregory Peck—One of the Good Guys!

Justice Seeker on Screen, and in Real Life… Though he did play a few notorious characters during his prolific film career, Gregory Peck was best known for his portrayal of men who stood for what was right. He once said, “They say the bad guys are more interesting to play, but there is more to it than that—playing the good guys is more challenging because it’s harder to make them interesting.” Catch Peck in all his glory this weekend.


Sat, 4/8

8PM ET: Mackenna’s Gold – INSP Premiere


Sun, 4/9

2PM ET: The Bravados

8PM ET: The Stalking Moon

Wild, Wild, Widmark: A Richard Widmark Movie Weekend

Richard Widmark—from Film Noir to Western Star

Richard Widmark hit the ground running in his acting career, going from radio to Broadway to Hollywood early on, portraying characters with evil intent. But he also proved himself worthy of playing more complex and heroic roles, including 19 Westerns. Watch Richard Widmark all weekend, including his role as Ben Devereaux in the family saga Broken Lance, in which he shares the screen with his acting idol, Spencer Tracy.


Sat, 4/15

8PM ET: Two Rode Together


Sun, 4/16

2PM ET: Broken Lance

8PM ET: The Last Wagon

Harris on the Horizon: An Ed Harris Movie Weekend

Ed Harris—and a Side of Spaghetti (Western)!

A weekend of high emotions—drama and humor…


Western action served “al dente!” That’s right, spaghetti with zero carbs and 100% entertainment! That’s a good, tongue-in-cheek, late-era Spaghetti Western, and the INSP premiere of the breakthrough film, They Call Me Trinity is one of the best.


If you’re craving some high-protein action with a heaping dollop of intensity, catch the no-nonsense Ed Harris this weekend. He’s known for his roles in Top Gun: MaverickWestworld, and Apollo 13, among many other acclaimed films and shows. A powerful, uncompromising, award-winning actor, Ed Harris brings the heat to every film he’s in—especially his Westerns. Guaranteed, he’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!


Sat, 4/22

8PM ET: Appaloosa


Sun, 4/23

2PM ET: They Call Me Trinity

8PM ET: Riders of the Purple Sage

Saddle Up Saturday

Hit the Trail Every Saturday…

The jingle of spurs. The creak of oiled leather. From gunslingers to saloon singers, the Old West is alive and well on INSP. Best keep your remote at hand and be quick on the draw. The action keeps coming every Saturday with all the Western stars you love. So, start your weekend off right—with hot coffee, some grub, and INSP. Western action starts at 9AM ET. Now, let’s ride!