When a Yankee Civil War veteran inadvertently shoots and kills a young boy, he agrees to escort the grieving mother, Kit Tilden, safely through Apache territory to bury him. But his two criminal cronies may have other ideas about this perilous journey.


The Deadly Companions

Stars Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Steve Cochran, and Chill Wills! This gripping saga features powerful performances by veteran actors set against the sweeping background of an Arizona location shoot, all in Sam Peckinpah’s directorial debut.

When a former Civil War Union sergeant named Yellowleg inadvertently shoots and kills the 9-year-old son of saloon cabaret dancer Kit Tilden, he vows to take her back to the ghost town of Siringo, Arizona to bury her son beside his long-dead father.

The Deadly Companions Movie

Yellowleg enlists his two criminal sidekicks, Turk and Billy, to come with them on the dangerous journey into Apache territory. It’s true: he does feel terrible about killing Kit’s son. But he also has vengeance in mind for one of the criminals accompanying them.

Back during the war, while Yellowleg lay wounded on the battlefield, Turk – a Rebel Army deserter – tried to scalp him. Now that Yellowleg has found him, he intends to exact revenge on Turk somewhere along the desolate road to Siringo.

But first, this ragtag group must make the solemn journey to Kit’s family gravesite. It won’t be easy, however. There are Apache warriors out there to contend with – and dangers from within the group that threaten Yellowleg and Kit. After Billy attacks her, Yellowleg throws him out of their camp – and Turk deserts the pair.

Now, it’s up to this unlikely couple to survive the perilous journey on their own. As they journey towards Siringo, fists will be thrown, bullets will fly, and love will bloom between Yellowleg and Kit. Will it be a love for the ages…or a quick death for the both of them?