Chuck Connors stars in this iconic Western show!


The Rifleman


Stars Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, and Paul Fix. Iconic Western, The Rifleman ran from 1958-1963 with 168 classic black and white episodes—and now you can watch it on INSP!

So, come to the New Mexico territory and revisit all the pulse-pounding action and adventures of The Rifleman, Lucas McCain, as he raises his son, Mark, defends the innocent, and takes down desperados in the lawless Wild West.

The Rifleman was one of the first network television shows to feature a single parent raising a child alone. Lucas is a widower, a Civil War veteran, and a top-notch marksman who buys a ranch just a few miles outside of the town of North Fork.

He intends to raise his son with high morals and defend his family and his property with his modified, fast-action Winchester rifle. But very soon, Lucas realizes that his talents with that rifle are sorely needed in these parts. They don’t call it the Wild West for nothing, and Marshal Micah Torrance asks for his help keeping their little corner of the world safe and sound.

Being a single dad and working on a ranch is difficult, and so is protecting everyone and everything. There are corrupt cattlemen, evil outlaws, crooked lawmen, vengeful ex-Confederates, and other unsavory characters whose bad intentions make life difficult for the people in and around North Fork. Lucas does his best, but there are limits to even a law-abiding man’s patience. When life, liberty, and property are at stake, outlaws find out fast that Lucas is The Rifleman—and he’ll use that rifle without hesitation, if he has to.

While you’re enjoying all the high-stakes drama of The Rifleman, make sure to keep an eye out for these guest stars: Dennis Hopper, John Denham, Jack Elam, Michael Landon, Ellen Corby, James Coburn, Harry Carey Jr., Agnes Moorehead, Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Akins, Warren Oates, Harry Dean Stanton, Robert Vaughn, Robert Culp, and many more.

So, join us in the New Mexico territory and on the ranch three miles out from the small town of North Fork. It’s where family and neighbors are always top priority, danger appears often … and Lucas’ Winchester rifle delivers justice for all.