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All Aboard! Train-Themed Movie Event

Another way the West was won—with trains! Trains changed the world, linking up Eastern states with the West and making travel for people and goods faster and easier. The new railroad lines caused an economic boom—allowing people along the routes to find new jobs and new adventures out West.


This month, we bring you action-packed movies about the trains that built the West—rousing tales of daring, danger, and suspense. These stories show the way the railroad changed the West—in good ways and in bad. There are train robbers and fugitives, Union spies and Confederate soldiers, lawmen and vigilantes, and more justice-seekers and vagabonds in these train-themed movies.


Favorite stars, including John Wayne, Fess Parker, Slim Pickens, Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Jennifer O’Neill, Audie Murphy, Ann-Margret, Jack Elam and more are along for the ride! So don’t wait—climb aboard every Sunday night this month!




9PM ET: The Train Robbers



9PM ET: Gunpoint



9PM ET: Rio Lobo

Singers & Gunslingers: A Month-Long Movie Event

We’ve got some of the most beloved singers ever to star in Western films on INSP every Friday night in June!


They’re not just any singers, either: these movies star Willie Nelson, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson. Plus, they’re backed up by wonderful supporting actors, including Katharine Ross, Jean Simmons, Slim Pickens, George Peppard, Royal Dano, and more.


Spend some Friday nights this June watching these Westerns you won’t want to miss! They’re filled with desperados and innocents, reformed outlaws and lawmen gone bad—and all your favorite singers and gunslingers!




9PM ET: Rough Night in Jericho



9PM ET: Charro!



9PM, ET: Stagecoach

Magnificent-Mania: Magnificent 7 Movie Weekend

We’ve got just what you need to fill your weekend with pulse-pounding thrills: a Magnificent 7 Movie Weekend!


Enjoy three of the four films from the legendary series right here! There are vicious outlaws who must be stopped, a town under siege by murderous villains, and a Mexican village that needs liberating. The action kicks up with gunfights aplenty, people trapped in tragic circumstances, and outlaws on the rampage. Desperate times call for desperate measures…so here comes The Magnificent Seven.


These three movies have the same Oscar-nominated score, and feature all-star casts that include Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Fuller, Warren Oates, Claude Akins, Stefanie Powers, Mariette Hartley, and other favorite stars.


Get your daily dose of Magnificent Mania all weekend long with these three action-packed Magnificent 7 Westerns!  Ready to ride? Let’s Go!




2PM ET: The Magnificent Seven Ride!



2PM ET: The Magnificent Seven

9PM ET: Return of the Seven

All About Audie: Audie Murphy Movie Weekend

Audie Murphy, the beloved WWII hero and top 5 Western movie star of all time, has a birthday on June 20th. So, here’s a gift for the legion of Audie Murphy fans out there: an Audie Murphy Movie Weekend!


Audie is at his finest in this collection of movies that includes: his very first leading role; a horse-centered double feature; Audie as a gunslinger in a movie called Gunsmoke (before there was a TV show called Gunsmoke, there was this movie by the same name, Gunsmoke!); and as a young, determined Sheriff who chases a gang of homicidal train robbers—and a kidnapped woman—into New Mexico.


It’s all about Audie as we celebrate his birthday this weekend. Have some birthday cake and don’t forget to blow out a candle. Make a wish especially for Audie: the most decorated WWII soldier of all time, and the movie star who gave his all in everything he did. (Thanks, Audie!)




2PM ET: Bad Boy

9PM ET: Tumbleweed

10:30PM ET: Six Black Horses



4PM ET: Gunsmoke

9PM ET: Gunpoint

Saddle Up Saturday


Hit the Trail Every Saturday…

The jingle of spurs. The creak of oiled leather. From gunslingers to saloon singers, the Old West is alive and well on INSP. Best keep your remote at hand and be quick on the draw. The action keeps coming every Saturday with all the Western stars you love. So, start your weekend off right—with hot coffee, some grub, and INSP. Western action starts at 9AM ET. Now, let’s ride!