INSP’s 2019 Christmas Guide

The Jingle-Jangle-Jingle Joy of Christmas on INSP

Shopping. Decorating. Cooking. Shopping. Get together with co-workers at 6, last-minute prep at 7, family arrives at 8. Shopping. Wrapping. Shopping. Wrapping! What day is it? Phew! You need a break. Enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and take some time for yourself with INSP. Happy Holidays from our INSP family to yours.

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Featured Christmas Movies:


Christmas in the Smokies

Shelby’s true love left her, and now she may lose her beloved family farm. But her lost love is back, now a country star. Will he be her Christmas miracle?

Sun, Dec 1 | 8PM ET

Sun, Dec 15 | 2PM ET

Tues, Dec 24 | 7PM ET


The Waltons: The Homecoming: A Christmas Story

The pilot movie that launched the series, The Waltons! It’s Christmas 1933. The family eagerly awaits the return of John Sr. who is away seeking work.

Mon, Dec 9 | 5PM ET

Tues, Dec 24 | 5PM ET


Christmas on the Coast

New York romance novelist Dru Cassadine is desperate after a string of flops. Struggling to write a best seller, Dru retreats to her coastal childhood home. Suddenly raw fiction turns to real romance as handsome widower Brysen Flynn enters her life.

Tues, Dec 24 | 3PM ET


The Waltons: The Children’s Carol

Olivia’s faith is tested when she takes in two English, refugee children traumatized by World War II. Can the family bring Christmas joy to their troubled hearts?

Mon, Dec 24 | 3PM ET

Tues, Dec 25 | 5PM ET



Favorite Christmas Episodes:


The Waltons

The Best Christmas

Thurs, Dec 5 | 6PM ET

Mon, Dec 23 | 5PM ET


Bonanza, The Lost Episodes

A Christmas Story

Sat, Dec 7 | 5PM ET

Mon, Dec 16 | 3PM ET

Wed, Dec 25 | 4PM ET



Mon, Dec 9 | 10PM ET

Tues, Dec 24 | 10PM ET


The Big Valley

Judgement in Heaven

Tues, Dec 10 | 10AM ET

Fri, Dec 13 | 1AM ET

Sat, Dec 14 | 1PM ET

Tues, Dec 24 | 10AM ET & 1AM ET


Walker, Texas Ranger

A Ranger’s Christmas

Wed, Dec 11 | 9PM ET

Tues, Dec 24 | 9PM ET & 3AM ET


The Waltons

The Spirit

Fri, Dec 13 | 5PM ET

Mon, Dec 23 | 6PM ET


Daniel Boone
The Christmas Story

Sat, Dec 7 | 3AM ET

Sun, Dec 22 | 3AM ET


Walker, Texas Ranger
A Matter of Faith

Thurs, Dec 19 | 9PM ET

Tues, Dec 24 | 2AM ET


The Cowboy Way Christmas Special

The Three Wise Cattlemen 

Thurs, Dec 19 | 1AM ET


Wanted Dead or Alive
Eight Cent

Tues, Dec 24 | 7:30AM ET