The Walton family, consisting of John and Olivia, their seven children, and John's parents Zebulon "Zeb" Tyler and Esther Walton, struggle to make a decent life during the Great Depression and World War II.


The Waltons

Richard Thomas, Ralph Waite, Michael Learned, Will Geer and Ellen Corby star in this family drama that encourages strong moral values.

The Waltons are a close-knit, loving family living in rural Virginia during the Depression Era into the World War II years. While hard times and eventually the war affect the family deeply, they always manage to come together, support each other and share laughs no matter their circumstances.

The heartfelt, family-friendly tales begin with oldest son, John-Boy Walton, as a middle-aged man, narrating memories about life growing up on the mountain. In fact, the episodes are based on writer and series creator Earl Hamner’s family, and he is the voice of the adult John-Boy.

The WaltonsJohn, Sr., wife Olivia, their seven children, along with John’s elderly parents Zeb and Esther live in a small house in fictional Jefferson County, Virginia, on Walton’s Mountain. John runs a lumber mill and farms and hunts a bit to keep his family fed. The kids have distinct personalities and as they grow in the series, they begin to display their variety of talents. John-Boy is the intellectual. He yearns to go to college and become a writer. Jason, though a tad introverted, is the composer and musician in the family. Mary Ellen, a tomboy and a bit self-centered as a youngster, matures and feels called to become a nurse. High-spirited Ben always has a scheme going on. His entrepreneurial ideas don’t always pan out, but he’s the most likely to follow in his father’s footsteps at the mill. Erin is the organizer, and is drawn to business. Jim-Bob has his head in the clouds, always dreaming about flying, but he also shows an interest in all things mechanical. Elizabeth, the youngest of the kids, is a free spirit and is not shy about voicing her opinion. She, like John-Boy, revels in the world of books and writing.

John, Sr. is the foundation of the family. He’s a hard worker and will do anything to protect his loved ones. He’s a World War I veteran and his “classroom” is life. Though uneducated in the traditional sense, he’s determined to have his children complete school through the college level, should they desire, and pursue their dreams. Olivia is the heart of the family. A church going Baptist, she keeps everyone on the straight and narrow—as much as she can, that is. Though soft spoken and loving, she’s opinionated and has no problem voicing and defending her point of view. Her nurturing nature draws her to invite anyone in need into the Walton home. Gruff, wise, with a mischievous streak, Grandpa Zeb Walton, works with John at the saw mill, and is known to visit the colorful Baldwin sisters to partake of their family “recipe” from time to time. Grandma Esther Walton is a feisty, shrewd, God-fearing woman, quick to react, yet full of love and compassion. The relationship between her and Zeb often leads to hilarious exchanges and situations.

Interacting with the Walton clan is a variety of people from the town. The rich, elderly, somewhat eccentric Baldwin sisters, Mamie and Emily, are best known for their moonshine making ability. Ike and Corabeth Godsey own the General Mercantile. Corabeth is a distant cousin to John, Sr. Ike is a World War I veteran who also runs the post office and a barber shop in the store. They maintain a close relationship with the Walton family.

As this rich assortment of well-drawn characters plan, dream, learn lessons, get into trouble, fall in love, suffer disappointments and tragedies, play pranks, grow up and grow old, you’ll journey along with them and feel like you’re part of family up on Walton’s Mountain.