Clinging to the only life she’s ever known, a headstrong woman (along with her loving parents) finds herself on the verge of losing her family’s berry farm in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, to an impending retail expansion.


Christmas in the Smokies

When Shelby’s one true love, Mason Wyatt, left her decades ago, she put her life into the family’s berry farm. She’s proud of the farm and works diligently to keep it afloat in uncertain times. Now, as the season of joy approaches, ruthless banker, Ralph Baxter is bent of developing the land, and Shelby pulls out all the stops to unite the town against him, but she’s no match for his conniving ways. She receives a final notice saying the bank will foreclose right after the holidays.  

To make matters worse, Mason, now a Country music star is back in town, hoping for inspiration that will spark a hit song to revive his waning record sales. While Mason makes the ladies swoon with his good looks and country swagger, and has any number of women fawning over him, there’s only one girl that haunts him…the girl he left behind, but Shelby has not let go of the past hurt, and remains closed to love.

As the foreclosure deadline draws near, Shelby concedes that Mason might be the key to saving the farm…but will he be the key to her heart?