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A Heaping Helping of America


Taylor Hicks gets cheesy in Wisconsin! Click to learn more about the mouthwatering State Plate episode.

Appetizer: Cheese Curds
Entrée: Bratwurst
Side 1: Sauerkraut
Side 2: Chicken Booyah
Dessert: Kringle
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From deep dish pizza to a sweet, creamy ice cream sundae…Singer Taylor Hicks heads to Illinois on a quest to discover the state’s most symbolic foods.

Appetizer: Popcorn
Entrée: Italian Beef Sandwich
Side 1: Deep Dish Pizza
Side 2: Hot Dog
Dessert: Ice Cream Sundae
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Lamb stew, Navajo fry bread, chimichanga! Join Taylor Hicks as he tastes his way across Arizona on a quest to discover the state’s most symbolic foods.

Appetizer: Churro Sheep Stew
Entrée: Chimichanga
Side 1: Tepary Beans
Side 2: Navajo Fry Bread
Dessert: Prickly Pear Cactus Candy
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A singer hits the high seas! Taylor Hicks goes lobster fishing and later enjoys blueberry pie in Maine as he seeks out the state’s most iconic foods.

Appetizer: Steamers
Entrée: Lobster Roll
Side 1: Bean Hole Beans
Side 2: Maine Potato
Dessert: Wild Blueberry Pie & Blueberries
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Gator bites, swamp cabbage, stone crab and kumquat marmalade! Where is Taylor Hicks? Florida! Join him as he discovers the state’s most symbolic foods!

Appetizer: Gator Bites
Entrée: Stone Crab Claws
Side 1: Swamp Cabbage
Side 2: Kumquat Marmalade
Dessert: Key Lime Pie
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The heat is on in Texas! Host Taylor Hicks takes on Texas chili in State Plate TV.

Appetizer: BBQ Brisket
Entrée: Pan De Campo
Side 1: Chili
Side 2: Sweet Onion Casserole
Dessert: Texas Sheet Cake
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Taylor Hicks heads to the state where the jazz is cool and the food is spicy hot! Louisiana! Watch him hunt crawfish, harvest rice and make a Po’ boy!

Appetizer: Crawfish
Entrée: Po’ Boy
Side 1: Gumbo
Side 2: Red Beans & Rice
Dessert: Beignet
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What puts the Boston in Boston Beans? Taylor Hicks wants to know as he heads to Massachusetts in search of the state’s tastiest iconic foods.

Appetizer: Clam Chowder
Entrée: Fish & Chips
Side 1: Boston Baked Beans
Side 2: Bulkie Rolls
Dessert: Boston Cream Pie
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Join Taylor Hicks as he tastes his way across Georgia seeking the state’s most symbolic foods from the iconic Georgia peach to boiled peanuts.

Appetizer: Boiled Peanuts & Shrimp
Entrée: Fried Chicken
Side 1: Vidalia Onions
Side 2: Grits
Dessert: Pecan Pie & Peach Ice Cream
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Sure Taylor Hicks can sing, but can he drive a sweet corn topper at harvest time? Find out as he tours Nebraska, searching for the state’s most iconic foods.

Appetizer: Cheese Frenchees
Entrée: Steak
Side 1: Corn
Side 2: Kolache
Dessert: Popcorn Balls
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Things are heating up on State Plate, as Taylor Hicks roasts Pueblo green chilies on his quest to discover Colorado’s most iconic foods.

Appetizer: Rocky Mountain Oysters
Entrée: Lamb
Side 1: Sweet Corn
Side 2: Green Chili
Dessert: Cantaloupe
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Taylor Hicks shakes things up in California—literally! How else do you get the almonds out of the tree? You shake it! From artichokes and avocado to cioppino and almonds, Taylor Hicks explores California’s most iconic foods.

Appetizer: Guacamole
Entrée: Cioppino
Side 1: Artichoke
Side 2: Sourdough Bread
Dessert: Almonds with Cinnamon Sugar
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The Yellowhammer State is serving up some good eats!

Appetizer: Red Fish Dip
Entrée: Chicken with White BBQ Sauce
Side 1: Fried Okra
Side 2: Fried Green Tomatoes
Dessert: Lane Cake
Air Date: Friday, November 3rd at 8p ET
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Sit down to a hearty meal in The Green Mountain State!

Appetizer: Cheese
Entrée: Maple-Glazed Ham
Side 1: Fiddleheads
Side 2: Vermont Common Crackers
Dessert: Apple Pie
Air Date: Friday, November 10th at 8p ET
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They’re showing off some down-home cooking in The Show Me State!

Appetizer: Toasted Ravioli
Entrée: BBQ Pork Steak
Side 1: Beans and Ham Hocks
Dessert 1: Waffle Cone
Dessert 2: Gooey Butter Cake
Air Date: Friday, November 17th at 8p ET
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New York

We’re serving up a feast in The Empire State!

Appetizer: Waldorf Salad
Entrée: Delmonico Steak
Side 1: Utica Greens
Side 2: Salt Potatoes
Dessert: Cheesecake
Air Date: Friday, November 24th at 8p ET
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We’ve got our eye on some yummy food in The Hawkeye State!

Appetizer: Ham Balls
Entrée: Breaded Pork Tenderloin
Side 1: Corn
Side 2: Soybean Succotash
Dessert: Rhubarb Pie
Air Date: Friday, December 1st at 8p ET
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What’s cookin’ in The Magnolia State?

Appetizer: Koolicles
Entrée: Catfish
Side 1: Hushpuppies
Side 2: Black Eyed Peas
Dessert: Mud Pie
Air Date: Friday, December 8th at 8p ET
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The other star of The North Star State is…Food!

Appetizer: Mushrooms
Entrée: Walleye
Side 1: Lefse
Side 2: Hot Dish
Dessert: Bundt Cake
Air Date: Friday, December 15th at 8p ET
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What is the key to happiness in The Keystone State? Food!

Appetizer: Pretzel
Entrée: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Side 1: Chow Chow
Side 2: Mushrooms
Dessert: Shoofly Pie
Air Date: Friday, December 22nd at 8p ET
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What keeps people busy in The Beaver State? Eating great meals!

Appetizer: Pear Salad
Entrée: Dungeness Crab
Side 1: Hazelnut Broccoli
Side 2: Truffle Mac and Cheese
Dessert: Marionberry Pie
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Air Date: Friday, December 29th at 8p ET
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South Dakota

Food rocks in The Mount Rushmore State!

Appetizer: Chislic
Entrée: Bison
Side 1: Wild Asparagus
Side 2: Wojapi
Dessert: Kuchen
Air Date: Friday, January 5th at 8p ET
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The line we hear most in The Old Line State? “What are we eating?”

Appetizer: Coddies
Entrée: Blue Crab
Side 1: Oyster Soup
Side 2: Beaten Biscuits
Dessert: Smith Island Cake
Air Date: Friday, January 12th at 8p ET
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Historians believe a pioneer coined the name, The Evergreen State. Be a culinary pioneer and explore these good eats!

Appetizer: Geoduck
Entrée: Salmon
Side 1: Stewed Apples
Dessert 1: Coffee
Dessert 2: Raspberry Tart
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Air Date: Friday, January 19th at 8p ET
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