The Virginian: The Men from Shiloh

Stars James Drury, Doug McClure, Stewart Granger and Lee Majors

In the final season of The Virginian: The Men from Shiloh, continues the adventures of The Virginian and Trampas, and life in Medicine Bow, Wyoming.

The Virginian: The Men from Shiloh

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Time has passed in Medicine Bow. It is now the 1900s, and 10 years have gone by. Shiloh Ranch has changed hands once more. The new owner is the very formal, retired Colonel Alan MacKenzie, an Englishman who had been a member of the Indian Military Academy. He arrives with his personal valet.

MacKenzie’s style doesn’t sit well with The Virginian and Trampas, and they wonder if their time on the ranch should come to an end. Not surprisingly, MacKenzie does not have an easy time adjusting to life in the American West. But one thing he does know is how to fight for justice, and in one act of heroism, he gains the respect of The Virginian and Trampas, and they commit to continuing their work on the ranch, supporting its new owner, their new boss.  

Roy Tate, a man with a mysterious past, joins the staff at Shiloh as a ranch hand, after he meets MacKenzie under unusual circumstances. While traveling with his niece, MacKenzie witnesses Tate shoot a man in self-defense. Later on his journey, he saves Tate from being lynched. Tate is as dedicated to justice as The Virginian, but he has a secret past, that one day, may catch up with him.

From long and grueling cattle drives, to fighting outlaws and rustlers, to rescuing folks in trouble, to romantic entanglements, The Men from Shiloh carries on the story of The Virginian. The stories are gripping, poignant and sometimes humorous. Episodes often dramatize topics of injustice, prejudice, the need to take responsibility for one’s actions, compassion and respect for others, in a family-friendly format. These are the men and women who tamed the rugged, unforgiving Wild West, who forged ahead in spite of untold challenges to make their homes on the range, and create a future for generations to come.