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Ultimate Cowboy Showdown: Episode 5 Recap

Ultimate Cowboy Showdown: Hosted by Trace Adkins

What You Missed Last Night on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown…

The pressure hit the four remaining cowboys hard, and Zane made his first mistake of the competition, in the steer roping challenge! But others didn’t fare much better while tending cattle. In the end, Trace made a tough call, sending one cowboy packing.



Cody Brewer


Behind the Scenes

10 Second Rope

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Next on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown

The three remaining cowboys go head-to-head in a dramatic final challenge, an obstacle-ridden, three-mile cattle drive, to prove they have more heart, grit, and cowboy skills than their competition. After careful evaluation, Trace names the first-ever winner of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown.


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