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The Mountain of the Sun

On his way to New Mexico to deliver a prize bull, The Virginian meets Kathy, a young missionary played by Dolores Hart, and her two older companions, as they travel to Mexico.

Q. What role is Dolores Hart known for today?
A. Nun! Her role as a missionary might have proved prophetic. She took her final vows as a Catholic nun in 1970. The one-time ingénue, at age 76, is now called Mother Dolores.

Felicity’s Spring Season
The Virginian falls in love with the new Medicine Bow school teacher, Felicity Andrews played by Katherine Crawford. When he proposes, Felicity’s family does everything possible to keep her from walking down the aisle.

Q. Did sparks really fly between Drury and Crawford during the love scenes?
A. Drury says, “I couldn’t stand Katherine Crawford and she felt exactly the same way about me.”

More Trivia and Fun Tid-Bits about The Virginian

Q. Which Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress, currently on Broadway, appears as the wife of Walt Bradbury?
A. A young Tyne Daly

Q. Which real-life husband and wife actors appear in the show as a married couple?
A. John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan play Clay and Holly Grainger

Q. How does Trampas like his steak cooked?
A. Rare, of course!

Did you know?
James Drury is a classically-trained actor, credited with 12 major Shakespeare roles and 18 major Shaw roles.

He became hooked on acting at age 8 when He played King Herod in a children’s Christmas play.

The Virginian would often shoot several episodes at the same time on different sets. Mr. Drury would ride on horseback to one set, do his scene then ride to the next until all his scenes were complete.