West vs. Colonel MacKenzie, The Englishman Colonel Alan MacKenzie arrives in town on the same train as several men the Virginian had seen on wanted posters. MacKenzie buys the Shiloh Ranch but trouble erupts after he investigates a hanging.
Best Man, The Guest Stars Desi Arnaz and James Farentino. Trampas and his friend Pick travel to Mexico to visit old friends. Pick and one of his friends both propose to Teresa Zaragosa. As tension rises, Trampas tries to keep the peace.
Jenny A former girlfriend of the Virginian’s asks him for protection from three mysterious men after they are ambushed on a stagecoach.
With Love, Bullets and Valentines Guest Star Art Carney. Trampas wins an old riverboat in a poker game. However, outlaws Billy and Hoy Valentine have different plans for old Nancy Belle.
Mysterious Mr. Tate, The Guest Star Annette O’Toole. Colonel MacKenzie travels with a young woman by train to her uncle’s homestead. During the trip, MacKenzie insists that the train stop so he can prevent the hanging of an innocent man.
Gun Quest The Virginian is accused of murder and is taken prisoner by a posse of armed men. After he is taken to trial by a judge, who is also the hangman, he escapes to find the real killer and prove that he is innocent.
Crooked Corner After German immigrants buy a nearby ranch, they are soon terrorized repeatedly by nightriders who want them to leave the territory. Tate and Colonel MacKenzie come to their aid after Tate is mistaken for one of the hired guns.
Lady at the Bar Guest Star James Whitmore. Trampas is arrested for murder and is represented by a female attorney who is a stickler for procedure. It’s an uphill battle, as the judge and bailiff want a quick verdict so they can go fishing.
Price of the Hanging, The Tate is on a mission to get medical help for Colonel MacKenzie who was injured on a cattle drive. The only doctor available is due to be hanged. Tate gets the doctor released but at a high cost.
Experiment at New Life While hunting for lost Shiloh cattle, the Virginian finds a trail to the New Life Commune. He soon discovers that the leader is holding his cattle as well as two women hostage.
Follow the Leader While Colonel MacKenzie’s niece is visiting from England, Trampas is pinned with the murder of an outlaw family member. Trampas must set out to prove his innocence and find out who is the real murderer.
Last of the Comancheros Guest Star Ricardo Montalban. Sosentes, the leader of a former outlaw gang, kidnaps a lady reporter after her story triggers a raid on his livestock. Colonel MacKenzie, who is in town to buy cattle, is forced to help.
Hannah Hannah, along with her ailing father, is on a mission to find her mother. They meet Trampas and they soon discover that her mom is with outlaws. Trampas agrees to help them but finds out that Hannah has a mind of her own.
Nan Allen Guest Star Tom Skerritt. Colonel MacKenzie learns that a friend has been killed in town after a fight with a man who feels his sister’s reputation was ruined. MacKenzie becomes suspicious of her jealous brother.
Politician, The Guest Star Jim Davis. The Virginian finds trouble when he travels to check out the Bonham Ranch, which is up for sale. He gets caught up in a web of intrigue and death involving the Bonham brothers and a woman he once knew.
Animal, The Guest Stars Chuck Connors and Jay Silverheels. A deaf-mute Shawnee boy becomes the prey for a hunting party. Tate risks his life to ensure that the boy receives a fair trial in a town that has hanging fever.
Legacy of Spencer Flats, The In the nearly abandoned town of Spencer Flats, sisters Della and Annie Spencer hold Trampas captive, accusing him of being outlaw Deke Slaughter. The real Slaughter rides into town claiming to be the sheriff.
Angus Killer, The Guest Star Slim Pickens. The Virginian is sent to buy an Angus herd from a widow who owns a ranch. Once there he discovers that someone is causing her problems. Her son is determined to find the cause of their bad luck.
Flight from Memory Guest Star Burgess Meredith. Colonel MacKenzie finds a frightened amnesia victim who had been thrown off of her horse. Slowly she recovers some of her memory. However, a stranger arrives saying she is wanted for murder.
Tate, Ramrod Guest Star Alan Hale, Jr. Tate is temporarily in charge of a widower’s ranch while the owner is away. He inherits a number of problems, including a dispute over barbed wire and the unexpected arrival of the widower’s bride-to-be.
Regimental Line, The During the Indian Ghost Dance Movement, a troop of soldiers warns Colonel MacKenzie and the settlers of potential danger. At the same time, MacKenzie is hunting for the man responsible for his brother’s death.
Town Killer, The On a business trip, the Virginian enters territory protected by an outlaw. He soon finds himself in hot water after he is forced to kill one of the outlaw’s enforcers.
Wolf Track Guest Star Pernell Roberts. While hunting, Colonel MacKenzie is mauled by a killer wolf and robbed by a stranger. Jenny, an impoverished homesteader, takes him in.  MacKenzie is determined to find and kill the wolf.
Jump-Up Guest Star John Astin. Tate stops in the town of Jump-Up to see an old girlfriend, but finds only trouble. First, he is cheated in a card game by a gambler. Then, he is framed by town boss John Timothy Driscoll for killing a man.