Last Shot at the OK Corral

After saving up enough money, C.S. ‘Buck’ Fly and his wife, Mollie, move to Tombstone, Arizona, to open a photography studio. Though Buck longs to explore the area and document the true American West before it vanishes, the bread-and-butter of their business is taking portraits of the town’s citizens inside the studio. In an odd twist of fate, the couple locates their studio next to a dusty corral that soon becomes the site of the most infamous gunbattle of the Old West. On October 26, 1881, gunfire erupts outside the studio windows, and they are pulled into the conflict when one of the men bursts through their door to seek shelter from the onslaught. When the bullets stop flying, the Flys realize that it’s up to them to document what happened, or the truth may be lost to history. Years later, Mollie Fly is hired to take the portrait of gunslinger-turned-reporter Bat Masterson, and he gets the real story of the last shot taken at the legendary Shootout at the O.K. Corral.