Jim Roberts Cleans Up Jerome

When Jim Roberts is hired as the new constable of the lawless Jerome, Arizona, he knows he has his work cut out for him. In his first week on the job, he gets to work arresting the town’s troublemakers and demonstrating his no-nonsense brand of law enforcement to his timid deputy, Tommy Miller. As the jail begins to overflow with prisoners, Miller isn’t quite sure if the new constable is solving problems or creating more trouble. But when the deputy’s close friend is gunned down in cold blood after a dispute over a card game, he quickly realizes how much the town needs a man like Roberts to keep the peace. Together, they track the killers to their hideout and bring them to justice once and for all. Years later, when gunfighter-turned-reporter Bat Masterson makes a stop in Jerome, Deputy Miller tells him the real story of that violent week when Jim Roberts cleaned up the town.