Meet Buck

Buck Faust

Age: 27

Occupation: Rancher & Horse Trainer

Hometown: Prineville, Oregon

Competed: Season 3


Buck Faust graduated from high school, packed a bag, and hightailed it to Montana to start his career as a cowboy. Buck quickly learned that typical ranching activities such as roping, welding, training horses, fixing water lines, and calving cows, were way more challenging in Montana’s harsh conditions. But—those struggles built character. The experience toughened him, taught him what it meant to be a cattleman, and made him strive to be the best cowboy he could be.


Today, Buck owns a ranch in Oregon, and with his wife, Emmaly, runs a horse training and cattle business. Over the last year, the couple has worked tirelessly to grow their horse training entity. Now, Buck is beginning to invest in beef cattle to start a cow-calf business. His dream is to start a family and create a legacy for future generations.