Meet Brianna

Brianna Markum-McClain

Age: 32

Occupation: TK

Hometown: Aquilla, Texas

Competed: Season 3


Like her late father, fourth-generation cowboy Brianna Markum-McClain is a powerhouse in the saddle and on the job. Everything she’s become, she says, she owes to her dad—not only when it comes to cowboying, but also her manners, values, and knowing how to act in various situations, among other important life lessons. She’s one tough cowboy, who admits to making grown men cry!


Brianna’s jam-packed, hectic schedule hasn’t changed much since we first met her on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Season 3. She continues to work full-time as the Operations Manager at the convention center in Waco. Every day, she’s up early to feed horses, and after a full shift of overseeing her crew and events in Waco, she heads home to practice roping, school colts, and dole out the evening feed.


For most, that schedule would be exhausting enough. But for Brianna, it’s just the start as she still finds time to compete in roping! In 2020, she qualified for the World Champion Rodeo Alliance and won the Original Team Roping Heading Finals. She continues to rack up wins regularly. At this point in her career, Brianna has won so many buckles, she’s started giving them away!


There’s one buckle she hasn’t won—an Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Challenge buckle—and she’s gunnin’ for it! Excited to be back for All-Stars, she’s out to prove herself in a big way. Coming in physically and mentally prepared, she’s ready to take the lead, have her opinions heard, and show her skills to the judges, who she thinks will hold all the cowboys to much higher standards this time around.