Meet Sarah

Sarah Foti

Age: 32

Occupation: Beekeeper/Cowboy

Hometown: Crystal River, Florida

Competed: Season 3


With her sharp tongue and quick wit, first-generation Italian American cowboy describes herself as “a handyman in a woman’s body.” She says she can back a trailer, fix a fence, and break a colt better than most men. In 2018, she won the “Day of The Cowboy Ranch Rodeo” in Alabama after roping and tying down her yearling in record time.


Life has rolled along at the same pace for Sarah since she competed on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Season 3 last year. She continues to work for ranches down the Florida coast while overseeing a successful beehive operation of 3,000 active colonies. But like every cowboy in the competition, she has plans for the future.


Sarah enters the All-Stars competition with confidence. Having experienced the stress and the grueling challenges in Season 3, she intends to approach this Showdown in a more strategic manner. But Sarah is as opinionated and outspoken as ever, and she hopes her strong-willed personality doesn’t get in the way of her focus.


With the price of feed increasing and resources in short supply, winning Ultimate Cowboy Showdown would offer Sarah a life-changing opportunity, as she could then focus on her own cattle operation full-time.