The High Chaparral


Destination Tucson The Cannon family struggles to establish a ranch in the Arizona territory of the 1870s. Marauding Apaches are on the warpath. The Army orders the Cannon family to move on, but Big John Cannon won’t budge. While Brother Buck recruits gun-carrying cowhands, Big John learns of another enemy – a Mexican land baron claims the Cannon property is his.
Arrangement, The John Cannon’s wife is killed during an Apache raid, and Buck, his brother, can’t stop Mexican bandits from rustling cattle. Unable to fight both Mexican marauders and the Indians, John makes an agreement with the Mexican land baron taking John’s cattle. The land baron insists that John marry his daughter, even if is against her will.
Ghost of Chaparral, The Victoria’s efforts to overcome husband John Cannon’s memory of his first wife are interrupted when Apaches lay siege to their ranch, and she is kidnapped. When Victoria is exchanged for an injured Apache and is returned to the ranch, she faces two decisions that could dramatically change everything for her.
Best Man for the Job Three army deserters, who murdered Apaches on Cannon land, are taken prisoner by Indians. When Captain Dabney fails to rescue the men, but gains Apache hostages, he refuses to make a trade for the soldiers.  Now, Cannon must give his son, Billy Blue, the job of secretly trading the hostages.
A Quiet Day in Tucson When Buck, Manolito, and Billy Blue are sent to Tucson for food, supplies, and boots, they get sidetracked instead by women and song. Buck enters a poker game and loses the supply money. The bad luck and bad decisions with these three amigos is just beginning.
Young Blood The future of the ranch is jeopardized when bandits steal a prize bull and breeding stock which Cannon bought with the last of his money. Victoria persuades John to send the boys to her father for a bull, but a misunderstanding with Victoria’s father could spell the end of everything.
Shadows on the Land When John Cannon needs cattle from Mexican ranchers for his Army beef contract, he finds the Mexicans are being forced to sell at cheap prices to a ruthless cattle buyer.  When John offers them higher prices, he and the Chaparral face the wrath of the cattle baron.
Filibusteros, The Buck, Victoria and Manolito return to the Montoya Ranch and become prisoners, with Don Sebastian, of a degraded former Civil War friend of Buck. Lanier and his disheveled army announce plans to create their own state.
Doctor from Dodge, The When Billy Blue is forced into a showdown with gunfighters, he is saved by a wandering dentist with a fast gun. A grateful John Cannon sends Billy Blue along with the dentist to help establish an office in Tucson, but the road to the dusty city turns out to be filled with danger.
Sudden Country The mistakes of a rookie rancher from the east threaten to wipe out the cattle industry of the territory. When the new rancher and his wife make repeated mistakes, John Cannon sends Buck, Billy Blue and Manolito to help them survive.
A Hanging Offense When Billy Blue saves an Indian girl from advances by a drunken army lieutenant, who he kills in the fight, he faces a court-martial and possible hanging.  The Indian girl flees to the Apache camp and John Cannon must find a way to bring her back to testify or risk losing his son.
Price of Revenge, The A widow, whose husband once owned the Cannon’s ranch, hires a fast gun to drive the Cannons off the land. When the hired gun tries to poison their water and plunder the ranch, John and the boys make a last desperate attempt to get the cattle to good water the save the homestead.
Widow from Red Rock, The Buck Cannon goes to work as foreman for a lovely widow rancher.  He clashes with his brother John over family loyalty when the job appears permanent. As Buck falls in love with the widow, she begins to strive for quick riches and respectability.
Mark of the Turtle John Cannon risks breaking a mutual defense agreement with Victoria’s father and dissolution of his marriage when his ranch hands join a posse searching for marauding bandits in Mexico. Now, Manolito must find the bandit leader and move the bandits out before the posse causes family turmoil.
Terrorist, The When Manolito learns that his old friend plans to assassinate Benito Juarez, exiled President of Mexico, on the Cannon Ranch, he must find a way to stop him.  Before Manolito can get help, Santos’s followers take over the ranch and prepare to kill Juarez upon his arrival.
Firing Wall, The A Mexican bandit turned revolutionary captures the ranch hands at the High Chaparral and prepares to execute them in a twisted attempt to prove his power. Only Pedro escapes the capture and now must find a way to save all the hands in captivity.
Assassins, The When Cochise and John Cannon try to find a way to live peacefully, an Apache renegade and his followers try to kill Cochise’s peace representative meeting inside the Cannon ranch house and start a new Indian war. Buck finds a dead Indian guard during negotiations and must stop the warriors moving towards the ranch house
Survival John Cannon and Billy Blue are captured by Apaches far from home and made to face death from lack of water. John and Billy force a wounded Indian, Klosen, to lead them toward water but the Apache escapes. Buck and Manolito catch a glimpse of a war party wearing John’s and Billy’s hats but harsh desert winds make it impossible to track the missing pair. When John and Billy do find water, renegade Chief Soldado ties them to a rock to die of thirst.
Gold Is Where You Leave It When John Cannon drives gold seekers from an abandoned mine on his land, they retaliate by plotting to kill the Cannon family.  When the miners fail to kill Buck, Sam and Victoria as they are driving back to the ranch with supplies, the gold miners plan to destroy the ranch instead.
Kinsman, The Uncle Dan Brooks arrives suddenly after a 15 year absence seeking safety in the heavily fortified ranch. He conceals the fact he is wanted dead or alive for murder and has been shot by bounty hunters Mace and Gurney. When Buck hires the bounty hunters as ranch hands, Brooks saves his own skin by offering to help Mace and Gurney steal the Cannon payroll.
Champion of the Western World Desperate for funds to buy a silver saddle, Billy Blue decides he must fight a boxing champ if he hopes to raise the funds to buy the saddle. Blue soon learns the champ needs the fight money to marry, leaving Billy in a predicament.
Ride the Savage Land In a daring rescue attempt, Buck and Manolito invade the Apache stronghold to rescue two white sisters being held captive. When one sister is freed and the other left behind, Buck and Manolito return to the Apache stronghold prepared to buy the girl’s freedom, but the Apache chief has other ideas.
Bad Day for a Thirst Buck Cannon jeopardizes his life when he helps turn two Apaches into wranglers. When an Apache war party kills three ranchers and kidnaps the two newly trained Indian wranglers, everyone but Buck believe the two Apaches he trained have reverted to their old ways.
Tiger by the Tail Guest Star Ricardo Montalban – When El Tigre’s brother, Rafael, threatens to attack the ranch to free the notorious bandit, John Cannon has difficulty persuading his wranglers to hold the outlaw for trial in Tucson.
Peacemaker, The Guest star, Barbara Hershey – As Blue falls in love with Kelly’s adopted Apache daughter, Moonfire, Kelly meets Cochise’s demands for a strip of land separating the High Chaparral from Tucson. John must find a way to change this plan, or the Cannons’ supply route will be cut and will lead to bankruptcy.
Hair Hunter, The When Apache raids close Judah Austin’s mine, he offers Stoner a bounty for Indian scalps despite John Cannon’s objections. After Stoner’s son Chad is wounded in an attack on the Apaches, he nurses his wounds and begins to question his father’s actions.
A Joyful Noise A padre is accompanied by two nuns and Maria. John Cannon agrees to protect the group when Maria’s demented fiancé Ramon, who has plundered the padre’s Mexican convent, arrives on the scene. Now, Maria considers sacrificing herself to prevent more bloodshed.
Threshold of Courage A vengeful man and his brother kidnap Victoria and head for high country, certain John will follow. When the men capture John and deprive him of food for three days, he suspects the man seeking vengeance has dark and devious plans for him.
Stallion, The When the son of an Apache chief discovers a prized stallion, but fails in his attempt to capture the wild horse, Billy Blue successfully ropes the horse and the battle for the possession of the stallion soon becomes life-threatening.
Ten Little Indians When John Cannon feeds and gives shelter to hungry Apache children that Buck and Billy Blue find in the desert, his ranch is threatened by two warring Indian tribes.  Now, John must find a way to keep the children safe while he works to return them to their people.
Follow Your Heart When a man learns his daughter has been killed by a young gunfighter, he refuses all advice and vows to kill the boy. John Cannon leads the ranch hands in an attempt to stop the shoot-out.
Tornado Frances When temperance fever grips the little town of Oracle, the women storm the saloon and destroy it.  Now the owner, too tired to fight against the opposition, puts the saloon up for sale and searches for a buyer. The only interested party seems to be Buck Cannon.
Covey, The When heavy rain prevents wagons from reaching the ranch with much needed supplies, Buck, Billy Blue, and Manolito attempt to get a mule train through.  The Bandit, El Lobo, seizes the opportunity and attempts to trap the group in an isolated canyon
Promised Land, The Don Sebastian Montoya retracts his promise to sell a small village on his land to tenants when Vaquero presents the required money for purchase. Matters become more complicated when it is learned the money came from Vaquero’s dying friend, and may have once been stolen by a notorious bandit.
Ebenezer When John Cannon persuades a crusading editor, Ebenezer Binns, to establish Tucson’s first newspaper in hopes of running the lawless element out of town, Binns risks his life against extortionists and killers. As Binns starts to print his first edition, Manolito and Pedro come forward with some dangerous protection.
North to Tucson When Victoria saves the life of a man injured in a stagecoach plundered by the Comancheros, she learns the man has sworn to kill her husband. The injured man blames John Cannon for the death of his family in the Civil War.
Deceivers, The An Apache half-breed and his renegades capture Cannon’s supply wagons. Just as food and ammunition for High Chaparral runs out, the renegade’s daughter bravely helps the Cannons by leading Buck and Manolito to the stolen supplies.  Now, she must bear the consequences for her actions.
Buffalo Soldiers, The The Tenth Cavalry comes to Tucson to stop crime. They are African-American soldiers who must also contend with racism. With aid from the Cannons, they show their pride and great ability as they take on the man controlling the town and his henchmen.
For What We Are About to Receive As Thanksgiving Day approaches, Victoria and the hands have a desire for turkey, but the tasty bird is hard to come by in the West. Starting with a turkey shoot in Tucson, the men have a series of adventures and mishaps that might ruin their plans for a Thanksgiving feast.
A Way of Justice When John Cannon is accused of killing the daughter of a Mexican sheepherder, he is condemned to death. In hopes of securing John’s release, Manolito promises money for John’s release. Now, the race is on to deliver the money before it’s too late.
Our Lady of Guadalupe The local priest continues to collect funds each year to eventually pay for the return of a missing religious statue. Still short of funds, Big John offers to make up the difference. However, the well-meaning priest has been less than honest concerning some details about the statue.
Sea of Enemies Blue finds a black member of the US Army in the middle of the desert who is in desperate need of help. The man claims he ran away from his unit after being mistreated by a Colonel.  When Blue decides to return to the man with supplies, the deranged man does the unexpected.
Shadow of the Wind When the Cannon family and hands attend a fiesta celebrating peace, they spot a group of well-known outlaws that include Manolito and Victoria’s childhood friend. Trouble erupts when the outlaws reveal their reason for attending the celebration.
No Irish Need Apply Against John Cannon’s advice, Manolito helps an Irish miner and his friends in their strike against dangerous working conditions. When the Irishman and his friend are forced to work on the chain gang for fighting with the mine superintendent, Manolito helps the two men escape.
Last Hundred Miles, The When the owner of a freight line resorts to lying and cheating people to increase his profits, John convinces another freight line to compete for the business. John’s move to help the local might end up costing him his ranch.
Glory Soldiers, The When Manolito gets the itch to lead a free and fun life away from the ranch, he heads to Mexico.  Just as Manolito is having his usual good time, a trio of Salvation Army workers he knows and an old trouble-making friend arrive in town on the same day.
Feather of an Eagle Billy is taken hostage by Apaches after he frees a white girl being held by the tribe. When Buck learns the freed girl is considered to be the Apache leader’s wife, he feels trapped. How can he preserve his peace treaty with the Indians and still find a way to save Billy?
Once on a Day in Spring When Victoria, feeling ignored, leaves her husband John and returns to her father’s ranch, Buck tries to explain to John he has taken his wife for granted. Now, John must find it in himself to forget ranch work and turn romantic, in order to win Victoria’s return.
Stinky Flanagan A flamboyant Irishman in the cavalry named Flanagan cons Buck into buying a camel, promising it will revolutionize the cattle industry. When Flanagan wears out his welcome at the Cannon Ranch, he attempts to escape with the camel and rejoin the cavalry, bringing a series of mishaps and danger with him.
Surtee A dishonest Indian agent jeopardizes the future of an Apache reservation started by John Cannon and Apache Chief Sandoval when he hires a renegade Apache brave to start trouble by stealing government cattle that were bought for the Indian reservation.
A Fella Named Kilroy Buck hires saddle tramp Orville Kilroy, who hides his criminal past and quickly becomes the most popular hand on the Cannon Ranch. When Kilroy’s criminal past catches up to him, Buck must decide to keep the new hand’s reputation, or turn him and his band of thieves over to the law.
No Bugles, No Drums It’s a series of mishaps when Buck tries to find and return the missing husband of an old girlfriend.  First, Buck is overpowered by a gang in a border town while searching for his man. When Buck finally finds the man, he learns this husband refuses to return to his wife.
Lion Sleeps, The Don Sebastian, wounded by a would-be assassin, plays on the sympathy of his family and friends in a scheme to gain control of the Cannon Ranch. On his pretended death bed, Don Sebastian requests that Manolito marry a beautiful, but headstrong neighbor girl in a plot to join the two ranchos.
For the Love of Carlos When Victoria finds a boy walking in the desert, she takes him back to the High Chaparral. The boy reacts favorably to her affection, and quickly learns to love school and family life. However, he’s hiding the fact that his lawless father is planning to take him home and take Victoria prisoner.
Time of Your Life When a bar-room argument breaks out between Blue and a well-known gunman, the man invites young Blue outside to settle the matter with their pistols. Well aware of the obvious advantage the gun-slinger has over him, but battling his own pride, Blue finds himself facing one of the most important decisions of his life.
A Time to Laugh, a Time to Cry For the first time in his life, Manolito falls seriously in love and proposes marriage, but his romance takes a dangerous turn when Comancheros decide to settle a debt.  When vengeful bandits kidnap his fiancé in an ambush, a seriously injured and desperate Manolito joins the search for his loved one.
Brothers Cannon, The Fed up with menial jobs on the Chaparral, and ignored when he complains to his older brother John, Buck leaves the ranch once and for all. When Blue also turns against him, John must either defend his actions, or swallow his pride and retrieve his brother.
A Piece of Land Buck Cannon jumps the gun when he uncovers a silver deposit and asks Manolito to back him in the real estate investment. His sister Victoria agrees to give him a prized necklace as collateral, but the discovery isn’t quite what they expected.
Bad Day for a Bad Man The fate of the Cannon ranch is in jeopardy when a lady friend of Manolito is taken by bandits. With Cannon and his crew hot on their trail, the bandits soon find they are in for more than they bargained for.
To Stand for Something More When Blue is left in charge of the High Chaparral, he ends up losing the ranches prize stallion. Determined to prove himself to his father, Blue sets out to make things right, but ends up getting himself in deep trouble with some dangerous people.
Trail to Nevermore John, Victoria and Manolito find themselves stranded when they are attacked by bandits. They seek shelter in what appears to be a ghost town, only to find it inhabited by a former lawman who doesn’t take kindly to unexpected guests.
Apache Trust Blue’s life hangs in the balance when he is captured by Apache’s bent on saving their village from attack. John attempts to save his son’s life by offering to track down the guilty party, but can he succeed in time?
Lady Fair Buck falls in love with the owner of a freight hauling business and finds himself caught between his love for his new fiancé and her battle with her competitor, who threatens to run her out of town for good. Will their relationship stand up to the test?
Lost Ones, The After saving the life of an Indian brave, Victoria is captured by an Apache who believes she can save the life of the chief’s son. With the odds against her, Victoria must try to save the dying man or risk dying along with him.
Legacy, The When guests come to visit Chaparral ranch, Blue falls for the daughter of their visitors. Blinded by love, he is unable to see the true and criminal purpose behind the visit.
Alliance When an Apache brave is accused of murder, a bounty hunter and old friend of Manolito come to town in search of the suspect. Now, unwilling to listen to Manolito’s advice, John and The Chaparral Ranch finds themselves in the crossfire of warring Apaches.
Little Thieves, The When Buck and Manolito try to lend a helping hand to novice cattle rustlers, they get more than they bargained for. Will they be able to put them on the right path? Or are the greenhorns doomed to follow their father’s footsteps?
Long Shadow, The After the ranch suffers losses of both men and cattle, John Cannon is forced to search for the guilty party. However, his previous suspicions prove false when he finds the suspect dead at the hands of the true murderer.
Journal of Death, The When a prison doctor convicted of killing his patients stays the night at Cannon ranch, John Cannon is faced with a choice – ask the disillusioned doctor to operate on his seriously ill wife, Victoria, or risk losing her.
Friends and Partners Sometimes going into business on your own is a bad idea. Buck and Manolito may learn their lesson the hard way when they attempt to run their newly purchased land without the experience needed to make their plans succeed.
Jelks John Cannon and his foreman fail to see eye to eye on the new hand hired to help out on the ranch. As time goes by the foreman begins to realize that John’s suspicions might have some merit.
Guns of Johnny Rondo, The Escaping your past is never easy, especially when you are a former gunfighter. When a new hand is hired at Cannon ranch, his new pacifist views are viewed as cowardice by fellow ranch hands and his son. Will he hold true to his new found principles when the past comes knocking?
Mi Casa, Su Casa Tensions rise when Victoria and Manolito’s father comes to visit Cannon ranch. Unaccustomed to living without the creature comforts he is used to at his own estate, he unwittingly causes an Indian uprising.
Lieutenant, The When a young cavalry officer comes to arrest a neighboring rancher, Blue takes it upon himself to warn the man and his daughter. The rancher is prepared to do the right thing, but his daughter has other ideas.
Reluctant Deputy, The Sometimes revenge is sweet. When Blue is sworn in as a Deputy Marshall, he finds himself in charge of the town.  It provides him with the perfect opportunity to get revenge on Manolito and Uncle Buck for setting him up.
New Hostess in Town Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. When Victoria and Buck travel to Montoya Ranch they are attacked by bandits who take Victoria hostage and leave Buck stranded.  Now, Victoria hopes to use her looks to play the outlaws against each other in order to escape.
Too Many Chiefs Victoria and John decide to go on vacation, leaving Buck, Manolito and Blue in charge of the ranch. When they return, they find the ranch caught up in the midst of a volatile and deadly Apache uprising.
Auld Lang Syne When an old friend of Buck’s comes to town, Buck is hired as his scout to help bring a shipment of gold through Apache territory safely. Things take an unexpected turn, and it becomes apparent that Indians are not the only threat to the travelers.
Generation Blue has plans to take his artistic talents to the next level by leaving his life at Cannon Ranch. Not everyone at Chaparral believes in his new found talents, but when an editor offers him a job in the city, they may have to eat their words.
No Trouble at All Victoria is taken captive when she is separated from Buck and Manolito on the way to a friend’s ranch. When she is finally ‘rescued’ from her captors, relief quickly turns to fear when she finds herself in even more peril than before.
An Anger Greater than Mine When a man believed to be dead launches attacks on both the Cannon and Montoya’s ranch, Victoria finds herself faced with her feelings about the man she once loved, while John Cannon and Don Sebastian try to save the land that is rightfully theirs.
Spokes Buck seeks holiday excitement in Spokes, but finds the town cowering under the rule of a tyrant who doesn’t like to be questioned. When an old trapper is caught in the middle of a gaming dispute, Buck is the only one to come to his rescue. Will his courage and beliefs be enough to save the trapper from certain death?
Only the Bad Come to Sonora After Manolito loses a stallion bound from the Montoya ranch to High Chaparral, he vows to catch up with the renegades responsible for the theft. Disguised as a peasant, Manolito follows their trail to a nearby town and plans his revenge.
Wind John Cannon comes up with a lucrative plan to move his cattle through to Kansas ahead of the Texans. His plans are brought to a halt when a fellow rancher brings news of Apache attacks. As John prepares to protect the High Chaparral from attack, he finds that the true danger is a lot closer to home.
A Matter of Survival On her way back to the Cannon ranch, Victoria finds an infant, who looks to be the only survivor of an Indian raid. When the boy’s sole relative appears at the ranch, he insists on taking the child back with him, but Victoria has other hopes for the baby.
It Takes a Smart Man John Cannon feels trapped and resolves that he must pay off a blackmailer to protect Buck.  When Buck learns of John’s sacrifice, he becomes determined to find a way to return the money and regain his own good name.
A Good Sound Profit When John sells weapons and horses to a band of Mexican rebels, despite the objections of Victoria and her brother Manolito, tempers flare and Manolito threatens to leave the Chaparral for good.  As John holds fast to his deal with the rebel leader, a cloud of danger falls upon his ranch.
Too Late the Epitaph Manolito is on his way back to Chaparral when he is mistaken for a member of a gang who held up a gold shipment. Soon after his release, Manolito finds himself in trouble with the law again, but this time it’s for murder.
Forge of Hate, The In an effort to broker peace between the Apaches and the Cannons, a young warrior comes to stay at High Chaparral. However, not everyone in the tribe wants peace with the white man, and they are planning to cause tension and hatred to prevail.
Fiesta Buck gets himself into deeper trouble than he could have imagined when he saves a young boy from being beaten. However, the rescue doesn’t go completely according to plan when the boy’s former owner comes looking for his property.
A Matter of Vengeance After losing everything he owns in a bandit raid, a lone cowhand follows the thieves and finds them in Tucson. When friends at Chaparral offer their aid, the cowhand decides that he wants to settle this score on his own.
Pale Warrior An injured man claiming to have been held captive by Indians for 15 years comes to stay at Cannon Ranch. It isn’t long before John Cannon and his family begins to question the man’s purpose for being so close to Cannon Ranch. In the end it’s up to a cowhand they call Wind to discover the truth.
Badge, The John and Buck reminisce about their darker past, when John was a lawman and Buck was wanted for robbery and murder. Determined to keep the truth hidden, Buck’s former partners attempt to silence the men forever.
Sangre When a wounded Apache leader is brought to Cannon ranch, John finds that not everyone is happy to have him there. When the head of a cavalry unit wants to bring in the Apache for murder, John finds himself caught in the middle.
Hostage, The Victoria and Wind find their lives in danger when a bank robber bent on having his last hurrah holds them captive. Matters turn from bad to worse when the bank robber’s comrades take matters into their own hands.
A Man to Match the Land In order to fulfill their contract to the Army, John Cannon, Buck, Manolito and Wind journey to Indian Territory to round up wild horses. Upon their arrival, they bump heads with the Apache leader bearing a grudge towards the white man.
New Lion of Sonora, The After the death of Don Sebastian, John and his family travel to the Montoya ranch for the funeral.  They quickly learn Don Sebastian has left everything to his brother. Soon after his arrival, Don Domingo shocks everyone with his plans to sell. When the ranch is raided, John suspects Don Domingo is to blame.
New Lion of Sonora Part 1, The After the passing of Don Sebastian Montoya, Victoria, Manolito, John and Buck travel to the Montoya ranch for the funeral. When they attempt to settle the estate, they find that Don Sebastian has left everything to his less than reputable brother, Don Domingo.
New Lion of Sonora Part 2, The When Don Domingo arrives at Montoya ranch to claim his legacy, Domingo shocks the family with his plans to sell the ranch. After the ranch falls victim to raids, John Cannon and his family learn there may be more to Don Domingo than meets the eye.