Gregory Peck stars! After a bank heist goes wrong, Arch Deans and Billy Two Hats are chased by a relentless Sheriff. But when Deans gets shot and can’t walk, Billy must save them—or die trying!


Billy Two Hats (1974)

Gregory Peck and Desi Arnaz Jr. star in this action-packed Western! After a bungled bank robbery, Scottish bandit Arch Deans’ half-Kiowa partner, Billy Two Hats, has been captured by Sheriff Henry Gifford. Deans gets away on his horse, but he can’t abandon this young man who is like a son to him. So, when Billy is being transported to stand trial, Deans is there to whisk him away to freedom. But it’s not a clean getaway; Deans shoots Gifford, and a saloon keeper named Copeland shoots Deans with a long-range rifle. Now, Arch’s horse is dead, his leg is wounded, and he can’t ride. Arch and Billy are stranded a long way from safety, and an even angrier Sheriff is hot on their trail. Will they stay loyal to each other and overcome the obstacles on the long road to freedom…or die trying?