Kirk Douglas produced, directed, and stars in this surprising Western that features a great performance by Bruce Dern. A U.S. Marshal with big political ambitions tracks a wily and cunning outlaw.



Kirk DouglasBruce DernBo Hopkins, and James Stacy star in this action-packed Western that was also produced and directed by Kirk Douglas. It features Bruce Dern in one of his very best performances.

In 1890s Texas, U.S. Marshal Howard Nightingale has some big political ambitions. He intends to become a U.S. Senator sooner rather than later, and he’s a shameless publicity hound. Under the guise of pursuing justice, he hunts down criminals with his elite posse of sharpshooters, and he always makes sure there’s a photographer around to document it all.

Eventually, he sets his sights on bringing down notorious bank robber and gunslinger Jack Strawhorn and his gang. Jack’s reputation precedes him; he is no two-bit outlaw. Dangerous, cunning, and smart, Strawhorn is a formidable foe.

PosseRecognizing this, Marshal Nightingale realizes what a coup it would be for his political future if he was responsible for bringing him in. With no time to waste, the Marshal pulls together his best men: sharpshooters and trackers that are ruthless and efficient. Nightingale depends on them to be loyal and to follow every order he gives them without question or pause.

The truth is that capturing Strawhorn will be no easy task, and Nightingale’s men know it. But that doesn’t stop Nightingale from leading the charge. He’ll follow this outlaw to the very ends of the Earth if he must.

Through grit and sheer determination, Nightingale and his posse track down the elusive and dangerous outlaws – and manage to capture the entire gang, including their infamous leader.

Marshal Nightingale is delighted…but before he can even start daydreaming about his life as a U.S. Senator, his #1 outlaw, Jack Strawhorn, escapes. It seems that cool, crafty, and clever Jack has a few surprises up his sleeve for the good Marshal.

Now, the question is: will Nightingale’s ambition help him succeed…or lead to his downfall?