Test Your High Chaparral Trivia Knowledge! Part 3

The High Chaparral: WEEKDAYS | 3AM ET

Here we go with round 3! See how much you know about The High Chaparral. Some questions are easy. Some are a bit more challenging. There’s no score, no result, just a way for fans to have some fun. Missed the previous rounds? Play round 1 and round 2.



Which High Chaparral actor also appeared in two episodes of another popular Western that airs on INSP?

Where did David Dortort discover Ted Markland, who played Reno, and what was Markland doing at the time?

Which actor drove the producers crazy with elaborate practical jokes on the set?

In which branch of the military did Leif Erickson serve, and what was his job?

It gets hot in Arizona, especially when you’re outside working all day. How did Cameron Mitchell cool off?

Don Collier, who played Sam Cannon took a break from acting to go to college on a football scholarship. After graduation, what jobs did he work at before returning to Hollywood?

What is Henry Darrow’s real name?

Name John Cannon’s horse.

What was the original name of the High Chaparral ranch?

What did Manolito do the first time he met John Cannon?