Randolph Scott stars! An ex-sheriff vows vengeance on the seven men who murdered his wife. Along the way, his party grows to include a young couple in need and an ex-con he can’t trust…


Seven Men from Now

Randolph Scott, Gail Russell, and Lee Marvin star! It was the first and one of the finest Westerns that featured the legendary teamwork of actor Randolph Scott, writer Burt Kennedy, and director Bruce Boetticher. Its success inspired the trio to make three more wonderful movies together: The Tall T, Ride Lonesome, and Comanche Station.

Ex-Sheriff Ben Stride is on a mission: he intends to find the seven outlaws who shot and killed his wife, a clerk in a Wells Fargo office in Silver Springs, Arizona.

In no time at all, he dispatches the first two villains. While tracking the rest of the scoundrels, he comes across a young married couple in a covered wagon that’s trapped in the mud. He realizes that they are out of their depth, and when they ask him to accompany them on their journey to the small town of Flora Vista, he agrees.

It’s clear that the young husband, John, is kind but weak and completely unsuited for frontier life. And as the trio continues to travel, Annie begins to show a growing attraction for Ben.

On the way to a stagecoach relay station, they run into Bill Masters, an ex-con that Ben has arrested twice, and his friend, Clete. While the young couple discuss their upcoming journey, Bill decides that he and Clete want to tag along. He cheerily admits to everyone that he intends to get his hands on the loot once Ben is done killing the seven men. He also makes it clear that he has eyes for the pretty young wife in their party.

However, there are many dangers ahead. Chiricahua Apache Warriors are in the area; outlaws are everywhere, and there are miles to go before they get to their destination. Plus, Ben’s and Bill’s past complicates things. Ben suspects that Bill can’t be trusted but he must not let anything get in the way of his pursuit of his wife’s murderers.

Only one thing is certain in the desolate and unforgiving west: there are still some big (and deadly) surprises in store for them all….