Dress Up Like Your Favorite INSP Hero

Halloween during a pandemic is going to be quite different, but you can still make it fun and pull off an unforgettable costume.

INSP houses a collection of influential characters that are perfect picks for a low-key costume with a lot of luster. With a quick trip to a thrift store, a rummage through a family member’s closet, or by simply using what you already have, you can become your favorite INSP hero in the blink of an eye.

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For 20 years, Matt Dillon kept law and order in the unruliest city in the Wild West, Dodge City. Strong, fair, and dedicated to taking in the bad guys, this U.S. Marshal makes a great costume.

To build a credible costume, start with khaki pants. Pair it with a salmon-colored button-down shirt. Not spotting one in your closet? That’s okay, just go with a button-down that’s a shade in the red family. Layer the look with a tan vestIf you can’t find a tan vest, you can always take the arms off an old blazer or shirt for a more DIY approach. Add a cowboy hat and a gun holsterand you’re ready for the Old West.


McLintock’s estranged wife, Katie, might be a stubborn socialite, but she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to her family. Always looking her best, Katie’s style is feminine and fun.

To execute her upscale look, start with a fitted blazer, preferably a double-breasted one. Layer a turtleneck or high neck top underneath. For the bottom, add a petticoat if you have one available and throw on a full maxi skirt over top. To complete her perfectly put-together look, add white gloves, a sheer neckerchief with a cameo pin, and an elaborate statement hat. A statement hat might be hard to come by, but a great place to start your search is thrift stores. Try reaching out to friends and family that dress up for the Kentucky Derby, they might have one you can borrow. Still no luck? It’s time to get creative! Hot glue faux flowers to a sun hat to achieve the same aesthetic. To really look the part, add a curly red wig.


Rugged, no-nonsense G.W. McLintock tries to live a simple life, but his signature style is anything but. From relaxing days on his ranch to working with the Comanches as their spokesperson, he always embodies classic Western style.

McLintock has a few different looks throughout the film, but certain staples are necessary to portray him accurately. Start the look with brown, tan, or khaki pants. Next, grab a gingham or red or navy button-down shirt. Add a leather vest overtop. If you don’t have a leather vest, a leather jacket or suspenders will do the trick. To distinguish yourself as McLintock, add a cowboy hat, belt with a western belt buckle, and a bandana or scarf around your neck, and the look is complete.



Beautiful, daring, and just as fierce as any other cowboy around, Audra Barkley proves, with grit and gumption, that women can hold their own in the Wild West. A socialite by nature makes her easy to like, but her keen sense of street smarts and strategic thinking makes her someone you don’t want to mess with.

To transform yourself into the Barkley family’s only daughter, it’s essential to pay attention to the details to achieve a flawless execution. Begin with a basic pair of brown skinny pants, preferably high-waisted. If you don’t have brown pants, choose pants that are neutral in color. Next, slip on an ultra-feminine button-down shirt. Selecting a shirt made from a luxurious fabric like silk or satin will help capture Audra’s status and elegance, and an open neckline will create more of a youthful appearance. Add a brown leather belt for a rugged touch, and top it all off with a Goldilocks-worthy blonde wig.



ACM, CMT, and Grammy award-winning musician, Trace Adkins, is a tried and true cowboy. A household name with star power, Trace has added reality show host to his already impressive list of accomplishments, hosting INSP’s first-ever cowboy competition show. His modern take on western style brings the cowboy uniform into the future.

To accomplish a look like Trace’s, start with straight or slim cut dark wash jeans. The dark wash helps keep this look contemporary. Next, add a dark, solid colored button-down. Make sure to avoid bright colors and patterns. Trace keeps it clean. Top it off with a dark cowboy hat and slip-on cowboys boots to bring it all together. Finish it off with an ornate western belt buckle and wear it over your shoulder to represent the Ultimate Cowboy Belt Buckle the winner receives from Trace.



The matriarch of the Barkley family, Victoria, is the heart of The Big Valley. Kind, hardworking, and a force to be reckoned with, she was a trailblazer for women at the time, proving that pants weren’t just for men.

To create her functional yet fabulous style, start with straight-leg pants, any color, but avoid jeans. Pair it with a tucked in high-neck blouse. If you’re wardrobe lacks a high neck blouse, you can wear a button-down shirt overtop a turtleneck as a substitute. Accessorize the look with Victoria-esque elements like a neckerchiefleather gloves, and a leather belt for the full effect.



A fearless fighter for the Texas Rangers, Walker will stop at nothing to catch the bad guy. He uses his martial arts skills and overall integrity to bring peace and justice to Dallas.

To recreate Walker’s essence, start with light wash jeans to give your costume a quintessential 90s look. Grab a button-down shirt to add into the mix. With Walker, you can have fun with the shirt. He wore everything from solid and simple to eye-catching and patterned. Next, layer your look with a tan utility jacket. Then, add a cowboy hatit is a must to complete this look. Make your own Ranger pin to add to the ensemble. An easy way to make the pin is to use felt. Cut a circle, draw a star in the middle, and then hot glue the pin’s hardware to the back of the felt. You can purchase felt and the hardware needed at your local craft store. Complete the costume with the addition of a fake mustache and beard unless you’re already covered in that department.



John-Boy is the intellectual. He yearns to go to college and become a writer, and his mind is too preoccupied to worry about his wardrobe. He keeps it simple, functional, and comfortable.

To nail his outfit effortlessly, it doesn’t take much. Start with a plaid button-down shirt and roll the sleeves. The only other piece you need to become John-Boy is denim overalls.

No overalls handy? No worries! Cargo jeans with suspenders will work instead. To completely give off Jim-Bob vibes, dirty up your ensemble. Roll in the mud and smear some engine oil on it for an extra layer of authenticity.