Annie Oakley: Rise of a Shooting Star

The story behind Annie Oakley. Left with almost nothing after her father’s passing, a young Annie Oakley is eager to help her widowed mother and siblings get out from under a dire situation. Annie, who already knows her way around a rifle, begins hunting small game to feed her family. A natural-born sharpshooter, by the time Annie is a teenager, she gains recognition for her hunting skills—providing the meat for a local grocery store and paying off her mother’s mortgage from her earnings. When famed sharpshooter Frank Butler arrives in town and hears about a woman sharpshooter who can hold her own with the men, he challenges her to a shooting match. Annie accepts, and not only does she win the match—she also wins Frank’s heart. After a short whirlwind romance, Annie and Frank get married and head out on the road as a sharpshooting act. With Frank as the main attraction, they struggle to get by, but when Annie—who is the better shooter—takes center stage, they rise to fame.