Meet Tyler

Tyler Kijac

Age: 28

Occupation: Rodeo Producer/Former Bull Rider

Hometown: Jay, Oklahoma

Competed: Season 2


Tyler Kijac is living proof that if you want something bad enough, you can achieve it. Growing up in Michigan, Tyler did not come from a ranching family. He didn’t benefit from generations of advice and experience passed down to him. He pulled himself up by the bootstraps and made the life he dreamed of.


Over the years, this self-made cowboy built an impressive professional bull riding career. He worked on some of the largest cattle operations in America. Then in the spirit of entrepreneurship, he transformed a decrepit Oklahoma ranch into a thriving 100-head cattle operation. When he competed on Season 2, his driving motivation was to create a safety net for himself and his wife, Jenny Jo, and to start a family.


Tyler returns to Ultimate Cowboy Showdown with intensified ambition. Since his last appearance, he focused his business ingenuity on expanding his rodeo company, TK Pro Rodeo, and branching out to produce successful rough stock rodeo events. In 2021, Tyler and Jenny Jo had their first child, a boy they named Truce. Now, Tyler is more motivated than ever to create a lifelong cowboy legacy, as he will do everything in his power to give his son the childhood he always wanted.