Meet Eddie

Eddie Peña

Age: 37

Occupation: Cattleman/Coal Miner

Hometown: Lytle, Texas

Competed: Season 3


Fourth-generation, Mexican American cowboy Eddie Peña, grew up running cattle in the rough terrain of Northern Mexico, under the watchful eye of the grittiest, toughest cowboy around—his father.


His dad taught him everything about ranching and horsemanship, but in his eyes, Eddie wasn’t cowboy enough. In his opinion, a true cowboy works at it full-time, and in addition to tending cattle in Texas, Eddie also works the night shift at a coal mining company 90 hours a week! When he appeared on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown Season 3, Eddie’s goal (aside from winning!) was to prove he is a cowboy through and through.


In the past year, Eddie made some major changes to his cattle operation. He sold all his roping steers, bought his first pair of beef cows, and has been running beef cattle ever since. A few months after returning home from Season 3, Eddie’s wife, Victoria, gave him the good news that they were expecting a third son. The couple welcomed baby Tru in March to the delight of older brothers Sage and Preston.


A new business, with all the associated expenses, and a new baby are more than enough motivation for Eddie to come into All-Stars fired up for a win! The big prize would be a boost to his beef cattle operation and allow him to take a step back from coal mining.