Meet Roveskey "Fatty"

Roveskey “Fatty” Hickman

Age: 38

Occupation: Pro Roper/Ranch Manager

Hometown: Shuqualak, Mississippi

Competed: Season 2


Fatty Hickman knows what it takes to work and win. He started competing in roping events all over Mississippi at a young age—and he was good at it, earning a rodeo scholarship. He knew the practice and focus it took to hone his roping skills. When it came to ranching, Fatty applied that same steady determination, working his way up from fence building to ranch management. His goal was to own a ranch that he could pass down to future generations and continue competitive roping on the pro rodeo circuit.


Sometimes, dreams get put on hold. Shortly after competing on Season 2, Fatty and his wife had their second child—a cause for celebration! But not long after this joyous occasion, his wife lost her job, and being the sole income producer, Fatty put pro rodeo competition on the back burner to support his family. Currently, he manages a 1,100-acre cattle ranch full-time. Luckily, good fortune came in the form of a new job for his wife, and another chance for Fatty to compete on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown: All-Stars.