Meet Ethan

Ethan Treadwell

Age: 40

Occupation: Ranch Owner

Hometown: Mountain Park, OK

Competed: Season 1


When we met Ethan Treadwell, he was a cow boss with a strong personality who was determined to prove he could out-cowboy anyone with his get-down-to-work, hands-on approach to ranch chores and challenges. He ran 15 to 20 thousand head of cattle for his family’s operation, getting right into the thick of it, working alongside the cowboys in everyday tasks. He took over the ranch after his father passed, and he expanded the family business into farming.


Since competing on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, Ethan’s life has taken him along new paths. Newly married in May of 2022, he and his wife Kendall relocated from Snyder, Oklahoma to Mountain Park, Oklahoma, where they began building a home—and a life—together. He reevaluated the family business and sold the farming entity, concentrating entirely on running a cattle ranch—as was his father’s dream. With a new business and a new home perfect for raising kids, Ethan and his wife are focusing on just that—family.