Meet Cuatro

Cuatro Houston

Age: 32

Occupation: Ranch Hand

Hometown: Devine, Texas

Competed: Season 1


During his first appearance on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, family man Cuatro Houston wanted to win the competition to pay tribute to his late mother and build a better future for his young family—and he came so close, taking second place. A former rodeo competitor, Cuatro left that life behind for steadier full-time work on a Texas ranch when he said, “I do,” honoring the cowboy code to take care of his family first. He never looked back and took pride in his ranch work.


After the show, Cuatro returned home and back to his job, creating a secure life for his wife and daughter. When the feedlot where he worked for most of his career was sold, leaving Cuatro unemployed, he pivoted to focus on day working, and training horses. Coming into the All-Stars competition after just missing the big prize in Season 1, Cuatro is fiercely determined to win, motivated not only by the loss of his job but also by his love for his daughter who faced a few health scares last year.