In this Western frontier series, trail guide Jim Bridger shares stories of his heroic adventures. How tall are his tales? You decide!


Be transported to the early American West! In 1822, Jim Bridger embarked on history-making escapades as a mountain man, explorer, trapper, and Cavalry Scout. Join Bridger on his later travels as a Bozeman Trail guide to settlers, soldiers, speculators, and other colorful characters, many who had no idea of the dangerous challenges they would face. Bridger shares his wisdom through incredible, heart-racing tales of his death-defying adventures on the Western Frontier. Every week brings a new group of travelers and another of Bridger’s heroic stories of justice, pivotal life-changing choices, daring escapes, fights waged against all odds, and much more. Just how tall are these tall tales? Mere exaggeration or the whole truth? You be the judge!