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No treasure map needed to discover a priceless bounty of tasty tidbits in The Treasure State!


No Scheduled Airings

In Montana, they have big skies and bigger appetites, but can they fill the big State Plate? In this episode, Taylor Hicks will learn about wild Montana, as he sets his sights on finding the right fare. First, Taylor will fly-fish with basketball legend, Bob Knight, as they seek out trout in the southern rivers. Next, he’ll take a historic journey into the copper mines of Butte, to find out what it takes to make a tasty pasty. And finally, he’ll discover a pie so wild that it’s made from a berry that’s never been tamed. So bring your appetite, because it’s about to get mouth-watering in Montana.

Featured Plates & Food Contributors

Appetizer: Pasty
Joe’s Pasty Shop

Entrée: Trout
Salt Patrol – Capt. John Keizer 

Side 1: Wheat (Bread)
Wheat Montana | Learn More

Side 2: Lentils
Timeless Seeds | Learn More

Dessert: Huckleberry Pie
Chef’s Table, LLC | Learn More

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