Diary of a Perfect Murder Part 1 In Atlanta, the heart of the south, charming, easygoing Ben Matlock and his daughter Charlene, a father daughter team of attorneys, defend a famous network television journalist who finds himself charged with murder.
Diary of a Perfect Murder Part 2 As Ben and Charlene Matlock’s case progresses with television superstar Steve Emerson, who is accused of slaying his former wife, the father and daughter attorneys are getting little help from their conscientious client, who claims he’s innocent but refuses to divulge an alibi that could save his life.
Judge, The Matlock accepts the pro bono case of Kevin Meredith, a young man with no money, who is accused of murdering his lover. Matlock soon realizes the deceased had a much more powerful lover, and the trial judge on the very same case may be involved in the crime.
Stripper, The Matlock once represented a man in his divorce proceedings, and upon his instructions, offered the wife a small fortune to relinquish custody of their son. She refused, and eventually won. Now the ex –wife can only find work as a stripper, and her ex-husband was just murdered, leaving her as the prime suspect.
Affair, The Matlock represents a maid accused of killing her employer, at the request of the man’s widow. The request is a little odd, but it seems Christina Ward wants people to know exactly what kind of man her husband was.
Seduction, The When an aging football star is accused of murdering the team’s female owner, Matlock steps in to defend him in a sensational front-page case.  Ben soon runs into a problem – the ball player’s only alibi is an elusive young woman who denies she spent the night with him.
Don Part 1, The When a well-known mobster is accused of murdering one of his rivals, he asks Matlock to represent him. When Ben meets the entire family, he realizes that despite what his client has always done for a living, at heart, he’s a worried father who wants to clear his name.
Don Part 2, The Even though they’ve lost a key witness, Matlock keeps defending Nicholas Baron. Daniel tries to convince Matlock that his father just can’t handle any stress due to his heart condition, but Nicholas continues to beg Matlock to clear his name.
Sisters, The Sisters Julia and Emily execute a clever and cold-hearted plan to murder their wealthy aunt and frame her husband, Harold Scully. Ben reluctantly agrees to defend the annoying Scully and is faced with the challenge of breaking the seemingly airtight alibi of the sisters, and the strong bond between them.
Cop, The Detective Joe Peters has been accused of taking bribes and murdering a fence, and also suspected in the death of a fellow cop. When it comes right down to it, one of the other cops on the force was more involved than they should have been.
Angel, The Matlock reluctantly agrees to represent a free-spirited rock star who has been accused of killing her manager, and due to an alcohol induced black-out, can’t even offer an alibi for the night. When his client ignores Matlock’s suggestions at toning down her life-style, he can only hope to reach her before she condemns herself to a life in prison.
Professor, The Ben’s law professor is arrested on charges of committing vehicular homicide, but claims to have no recollection of what happened. Ben defends him and suspects the man’s assistant and two of his students of being behind the whole thing. He just has to figure out why.
Santa Claus When a heartless landlord tries to evict the residents of his apartment building during the Christmas season, he tangles with a resident who happens to be working as a street Santa. The apartment owner soon turns up dead and everyone suspects the Santa.  Ben offers to defend the once jolly man and clear his name.
Chef, The Michael and Victoria Edwards may be divorced, but unfortunately, she couldn’t keep him from being a guest on her show. When Michael dies after testing out the dish they were cooking, Victoria is immediately charged with his murder. Matlock agrees to defend her and gets some good home cooking in the bargain.
Author, The When author Mary Ann Newton writes a scandalous book exposing people in a small town, she becomes the target of a bullet that kills a priest instead of her.  Matlock is willing to defend the man accused of the crime – the town doctor.
Rat Pack, The Young, good looking and very successful Adam Gardner is arrested for the murder of a Hollywood starlet. Matlock believes Gardner was framed and heads to California to find the real murderer, one of Gardner’s rowdy “rat pack” friends.
Nurse, The When the client of a young live-in nurse is found murdered, Matlock is called on to defend the young woman.  Matters are made more difficult when all learn that the nurse is willed to inherit her murdered client’s vast fortune.
Convict, The Matlock gets a second chance at a lost case when his former client, Lester Matthews, who was unjustly convicted of murder seven years ago, slays a prison inmate in self-defense and faces another murder charge. Ben believes he can save Matthews from spending the rest of his life in prison.
Court Martial Part 1, The Even though he knows they will resent his interference, Matlock takes on the United States military when he defends a Private who says he has been framed for the murder of a sadistic lieutenant.
Court Martial Part 2, The As his investigation continues, Matlock begins to uncover a scandal meticulously buried among four corrupt and dangerous military officers. Meanwhile, Tyler, posing as a private, discovers that cocaine is being shipped out of the supply depot.
Therapist, The When a movie idol makes a strictly confidential visit to a clinic for some relaxation and therapy, the news is soon leaked to the press. When the star’s therapist is murdered, all evidence points to him and Matlock takes the star’s scandalous case. Meanwhile, a bold, enterprising young law student hopes to talk her way into a job as Ben’s assistant.
People vs. Matlock Matlock takes on the defense of the president of a builders union who has been framed for murder. When the sizzling trial is brought to a screeching halt due to a claim that Matlock bribed a witness to lie on the stand, an unlikely defender comes to Ben’s aid.
Photographer, The Matlock defends young, streetwise Amy Adler when she’s accused of killing her boss, a photographer whose beautiful, well-known patrons harbor secret motives for murder. Matlock discovers a web of blackmail involving old photos of prominent women in the community.
Reporter, The A newlywed comes home to find her house in flames, her husband dead, and she’s charged with his murder.  A reporter investigates the suspicious fire, and soon appeals to Matlock for help. Together, they start to unravel a dark and complex mystery and a case of hidden identity.
Doctors, The When the hard-nosed doctor in charge of the resident program is found dead, Matlock’s client is the prime suspect. He was seen leaving the scene of the crime and was most likely to be dropped from the resident program, leaving him without a career as a doctor.
Billionare Part 1, The Matlock discovers he has more than enough suspects to go around for a murder that has landed the wrong man in jail. Matlock journeys to England to participate in a legally sanctioned, mock-retrial in which he defends a wealthy industrialist’s son against murder charges.
Billionare Part 2, The Matlock is hired by Laura Gordon to clear her brother Eric and reopen an investigation into the death of their father. Ben is startled to find that everyone connected with the case of a murdered billionaire seems to have a reasonable motive for committing the crime – including the dead man’s special lady friend.
Blind Justice Michelle agrees to defend college chum Andrea Morrow after she is accused of murdering her abusive lover. Matlock soon becomes convinced that the murderer was the victim’s blind ‘friend’, but will have a devil of a time proving how a blind man managed to carry off a near-perfect murder.
Annihilator, The Guest Star Dick Butkus – Matlock reluctantly agrees to represent a famous wrestler when he’s accused of killing a long-time rival, but only when Cassie begs him to. The key witness in the case is a young girl who was a die-hard fan of the dead wrestler, but whose story might not be completely accurate.
Husband, The When Matlock agrees to defend Cassie’s friend Judy, he is shocked to learn that Judy’s husband had another wife. As the case continues, Matlock learns that there was also a third wife and that the victim managed to successfully maintain three separate wives in three separate households.
Power Brokers Part 1, The Matlock reluctantly takes the case when Melinda Stuart’s source is murdered and she is a suspect. As Ben works the case, he is shocked to see that Melinda is more interested in listening to what FBI Agent Paul Davies has to say than working with Matlock on her defense.
Power Brokers Part 2, The After Agent Davies offers reporter Melinda Stuart an exclusive, she changes her own plea to guilty. Matlock finds himself desperate to have Melinda help defend the charge against her, even after it’s revealed her source was a fake.
Network, The Guest Stars Betty White, Jason Bateman, Alf, Corbin Bernsen, Rhea Perlman, Cameron Mitchell and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. Matlock defends a TV producer accused of murdering the Programming chief at the top-rated network. The producer was placed at the scene of the crime, but other major Hollywood figures – including an aging actor and a studio head – had motives of their own.
Best Friend, The When a renowned author is murdered, Matlock is called to defend the person accused – the subject of the biography the murder victim was writing.  Ben soon discovers a disturbing revelation about his client that forces him to develop a different defense.
Country Boy, The When a hard-drinking country singer’s wife decides to leave him, and her sister threatens to reveal some dark secrets, the sister is found dead and the country star turns to Matlock to defend him.  Although Ben is a big fan, he gets tough on the singer and his troubled life.
Gift, The When Brian Emerson is arrested and charged with his wife’s murder, Matlock takes the case, waiving his usual fee. Ben’s efforts to get the father out on bail fail miserably when he lands a judge who has lost his Christmas spirit. Now, Matlock is faced with taking the accused man’s daughter home with him during the holidays.
Gambler, The Matlock travels to Las Vegas to defend a friend who is charged with murdering his girlfriend, a young woman who was living a double life. As Ben works the case, the shady suspects surface from the Vegas culture.
Body, The Matlock agrees to defend Donna Stewart when she’s accused of murdering Christie Huntley, an aerobics instructor at Pinewood Spa who slept with her husband. Matlock soon realizes that Christie’s death had nothing to do with who she slept with and everything to do with why she slept with them.
Reunion, The Matlock heads to an old law school reunion where he meets up with his former classmates. After the reunion, one is murdered, another stands accused of the crime, and Matlock faces the unpleasant task of having to prove that one of his former classmates murdered another.
Gigolo, The Matlock agrees to defend dance instructor Scott Lazar after he is charged with the murder of his married lover. It would be a lot easier to prove Scott’s innocence if there wasn’t another woman in the wings also claiming to be his lover.
Umpire, The Matlock attempts to defend a softball coach who is accused of killing the umpire, who was also his boss, during the league’s playoff game. As the details of the case surface, Ben learns that several people were unhappy with more than just the umpire’s calls on the ball field.
Investigation Part 1, The Sam Gerard is a well-known mobster who is about to be exposed. When his estranged son is arrested for murder, he refuses to go to Sam for help, but instead seeks help from Ben Matlock.
Investigation Part 2, The The mobster’s son continues to turn away from his father as Matlock keeps trying to investigate the case. When an innocent family is almost caught in the middle of a mob war, Matlock realizes that someone on the inside is pulling the strings.
Hucksters, The Matlock is hired to defend an irate investor accused of murdering the smooth-talking owner of Fountain of Youth Elixir Creams, a man who was really promoting a phony get-rich-quick scheme.  As Matlock delves into the facts, he discovers the salesman had created more than wealth for himself. He also added a long list of enemies with murder motives.
Lovelorn, The When the popular writer of an advice-to-the-lovelorn column is murdered, Matlock discovers a house full of problems and suspects. Matlock’s client, the accused man, doesn’t have much of an alibi. He also doesn’t have as much motive for murder as the victim’s husband, sister, and others.
Genius, The Ben Matlock’s nephew is accused of murdering his boss, the director of a top-security think tank, and Matlock’s defense seems doomed to failure unless a master computer can be outsmarted. Matlock has to rely on his nephew’s mastermind to override the computer and identify the true murderer.
Magician, The Matlock discovers he has more than one tricky suspect to contend with as he tries to defend a magician accused of murdering his ambitious and disloyal assistant.  Matlock soon learns that among magicians, everything is seldom as it appears.
Fisherman, The Matlock takes on the defense of a Vietnamese fisherman accused of murdering the town bully, a man who had been terrorizing the fisherman and his fellow countrymen. Despite a great deal of local prejudice against the Vietnamese fishermen, Matlock finds a number of people who only want justice.
Heiress, The Matlock is hired to defend a young heiress with a history of mental Illness when her fragile recovery is threatened by a murder accusation. The heiress is the prime suspect in the murder of a man from the accounting firm handling her trust fund.
Lemon, The Five-time Emmy Award winner Don Knotts is Matlock’s new neighbor, Les Calhoun. In this episode, Les returns a malfunctioning used car he just bought and becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the car salesman. Although circumstantial evidence points to a conviction, Matlock sets out to prove his new neighbor was framed.
Ambassador Part 1, The When a British ambassador is accused by an associate of killing her husband, he refuses to hide behind diplomatic immunity and instead calls on Matlock to clear his name. When the associate testifies that she was an eyewitness to the crime and then disappears, Ben is left with more questions than answers.
Ambassador Part 2, The When someone tries to kill Matlock and the British ambassador he’s defending in a murder trial, Matlock realizes that finding his client’s vanished associate and accuser will be the key to identifying the real killer.
Mistress, The When a bank official is shot dead in his office, his wife is present and later charged with murder, but she insists she’s innocent. Convinced that she’s been framed, Matlock pursues other suspects in the Georgian mountains, where his car is sabotaged and he and Julie are tied up by thugs.
D.J., The Matlock must overcome his dislike of a caustic radio personality and defend him when he is accused of killing a rival disk jockey. Arthur Saxon admits that he hated his obnoxious rival, Robby Moore, but swears he’s innocent of Moore’s murder. With Moore’s other competition as suspects, Matlock investigates their alibi.
Captain, The Matlock defends a patrolman framed for murder and is upset when he must investigate his longtime friend, the chief of police, as the prime murder suspect. The patrolman claims he’s been framed for killing a fellow officer, who had been gathering evidence implicating the chief in a series of murders.
Vendetta, The Convinced that his brother was framed for murder, a psychopath is determined to get even and holds Matlock’s associates hostage. After his brother commits suicide, the would-be killer holds Matlock responsible for the death. Now, to even the score, he is looking to knock-off Ben.
Mayor Part 1, The During the announcement of his bid for the U.S. Senate, the mayor is shot and killed by someone resembling a well-known activist. Convinced that the suspect has been framed, Matlock investigates the mayor’s personal business activities.
Mayor Part 2, The Matlock’s trip to the Windy City to defend a 1960’s radical accused of murdering Chicago’s mayor comes to a head when Matlock is helped by reporter Paul O’Neill, who risks his life to prove a conspiracy is behind the murder. The investigation reaches an exciting climax as Matlock uncovers the motive for murder.
Black Widow, The When a man convicted of murdering his wife, whose body was never found, is released from prison after seven years, he immediately sets out to find his missing wife and winds up in trouble again. Matlock takes the case and uncovers a bizarre scheme to collect a one-million dollar insurance policy.
Other Woman, The A missing diary and lady friend, plus an outrageous police report, pose problems for Matlock when he agrees to defend a psychiatrist accused of murdering his patient’s husband. Matlock and his team plan to prove the overwhelming evidence against their client is actually an attempt to frame him for murder.
Starlet, The Matlock has his hands full when the daughter of a former girlfriend is accused of the murder of a beauty contestant. The investigation takes a complicated turn when Matlock finds out there is much more to the case than meets the eye.
Psychic, The Matlock has his hands full when a psychic predicts her boyfriend’s death. Her innocence is called into question when her boyfriend turns up dead, and she has no way to prove her innocence.
Thief Part 1, The Matlock must defend a rare-coin dealer who is charged with murder. After hiring a colleague to help, Matlock begins to question her motives for taking the case.
Thief Part 2, The While defending a rare-coin dealer accused of murder, Matlock learns that his colleague is being blackmailed by the real murderer.
Thoroughbred, The When the manager of a thoroughbred farm is murdered, her grieving father begs Matlock to represent the mentally handicapped man accused of the crime.  Ben will soon discover horse racing is serious business and many are desperate to have their horse win.
Model, The Sometimes losing your memory isn’t the worst thing ever, as it gives you a second chance to see things in a new light. When Matlock is injured on the job, he carefully combs through the facts hoping to recover his memory and catch a killer.
Cult, The Matlock must defend a man accused of murdering the leader of a religious cult. The only witness, the man’s son, believes his father is responsible for the murder. Now, Matlock must try to change his mind before his father is put behind bars.
Blues Singer, The Matlock defends a legendary blues singer accused of murdering a fellow musician. While working to prove his client’s innocence, Ben soon learns that there may be more than one person who wished the victim dead.
Priest, The Sometimes keeping secrets can get you killed. When Matlock defends a colleague accused of killing a priest, he discovers that the priest was keeping a notebook full of his flock’s extra-curricular activities, and with many secrets comes murder suspects.
Hunting Party Part 1, The Matlock travels to Roanoke Island where the brother of a retired soldier has been murdered. While trying to prove the victim’s death wasn’t an accident, the soldier finds himself accused in the death of another member of the hunting party.
Hunting Party Part 2, The While trying to prove a former soldier’s innocence, Ben stumbles upon a smuggling ring and becomes the new target of a group of dangerous drug dealers.
Good Boy, The No one is ever as perfect as they seem. When a son tries to frame his mother for murder, Matlock must prove who really committed the crime.
Best Seller, The Just because you’ve made the best-sellers list doesn’t mean that people will like you. When a famous writer is accused of murdering her only friend, there isn’t one person who knows her and will defend her innocence.
Ex, The When Julie travels to Baltimore to defend a client accused in the death of a newspaper editor, the prosecutor, Julie’s ex-husband, does everything he can to distract her from working the case. It’s up to Matlock to keep Julie’s head in the game and defend her client.
Clown, The When a circus clown is accused of murdering his partner, Matlock sends Conrad undercover. As he investigates the crime, Matlock finds that no one really had any reason to like the victim.
Star, The An aging actress is found dead, and the murder weapon is a prop from the film that made her famous. Now, Matlock must prove his suspicion that her director is guilty of the crime.
Con Man, The When a trusting man is swindled by a group of con men, he finds himself accused of murder. Matlock must try and prove his client innocent, while Michelle tries to get information from one of the surviving con men.
Prisoner Part 1, The Matlock takes on a big risk when he agrees to defend a prisoner accused of murder. While trying to prove his client’s innocence, the prison environment goes from bad to worse and Ben’s life is put in danger.
Prisoner Part 2, The While Conrad attempts to piece together the clues from outside prison walls, Matlock discovers the murder weapon. His discovery puts him in mortal danger.
Fugitive, The Ben Matlock is left with a lot of questions and no answers when his client, Drew Carey, bolts from the courtroom during a preliminary hearing for murder. Matlock is justifiably concerned that the hot-headed young man’s emotions will destroy any chance of providing him with a proper defense.
Buddies, The After the death of an old friend, Matlock reopens a 30 year old murder case. The suspects include three of his closest friends, and their friendships are strained even more when someone plants a bomb in Ben’s car.
Scrooge, The The senseless murder of a toy store owner not only clouds the Christmas spirit, but threatens an annual party and gifts of toys to local orphans. Ben Matlock reluctantly agrees to defend the victim’s partner, Steve Abbot, and considers a wild list of other possible suspects.
Witness, The Matlock’s assistant has to investigate the testimony of a former law classmate accused of murder. During her search, she learns the details of a strange and secret life filled with scandal.
Student, The Matlock must defend a student accused of murdering her college professor. With the odds stacked against her, Matlock must rely on his gut instincts to prove her innocence.
Talk Show, The When a talk show host is murdered, Matlock must defend the associate accused of the crime. Along with Michelle Thomas, Matlock must hunt for clues needed to expose the true killer.
Victim, The It is up to Matlock to prove the innocence of a man framed for murdering the wife of his business partner.
With little evidence to verify his suspicions, Matlock investigates the woman’s paraplegic husband, who he believes committed the crime.
Kidnapper, The When Matlock is kidnapped by someone he sent to prison, Michelle and Conrad must search through old case histories to find the offender and save Ben from danger.
Pro, The Matlock must defend a professional tennis player accused of murdering his challenger. Thanks to his client’s violent past, Matlock must work even harder to find holes in the prosecution’s case.
Informer Part 1, The Matlock unwittingly finds himself caught up in a blackmail scheme when he defends a lawyer accused of murdering a kingpin. Between his client’s attempts to fix the trial, and the kingpins co-patriots bent on revenge, Matlock and Conrad’s lives could be on the line.
Informer Part 2, The While Matlock attempts to keep his client in line, Conrad searches for the only man who can keep their client out of jail.
D.A., The When Julie is threatened by the brother of a man she put away for murder, Matlock offers to take her in. Matters take a turn for the worse when Julie decides to move into the District Attorney’s cabin.
Blackmailer, The Matlock must defend a senator accused of murdering a political cartoonist. The fact that his client is convinced he is responsible for the death is just one of the many roadblocks that face Matlock in this case.
Cookie Monster, The Ben Matlock investigates when a friend, Bobby Neil, is accused of murdering a cookie queen who was out to crumble her competitors with a hostile takeover. Matlock finds no shortage of entrepreneurs who would do anything to protect their lucrative niches in the cookie business. His only question is which cookie competitor committed murder.
Mother, The Mothers will do anything for their daughters, even if it means going to jail for a crime they didn’t commit.  While Matlock defends a mother accused of murder, he begins to suspect that it is her daughter who actually committed the crime.
Nowhere to Turn Part 1 Matlock finds himself in the middle of having a very, very bad day. As if being robbed and charged for contempt of court isn’t bad enough, Matlock finds himself accused of murder.
Nowhere to Turn Part 2 Matlock finds himself in the middle of having a very, very bad day. As if being robbed and charged for contempt of court isn’t bad enough, Matlock finds himself accused of murder.
Madam, The When a madam is accused of killing one of her employees, Matlock must defend her innocence. As he searches for clues he finds there is a long list of people who wanted the victim dead.
Personal Trainer, The Sometimes love can be murder. When a personal trainer turns up dead, Matlock must defend the man accused of committing the murder.
Narc, The Nobody likes a rat. When an undercover narcotics officer is murdered, Matlock must defend a colleague charged with the crime. As Matlock searches for the truth, he begins to wonder if his client is really as innocent as he claims.
Secret Part 1, The Not everything is always as it seems. When a gambler is charged with murdering his bookie, Matlock must search for the real perpetrator.
Secret Part 2, The Matlock sends Conrad out of town to find the evidences needed to prove his client’s innocence. When a blackmail scheme surrounding an unsolved art theft and murder is uncovered, Matlock wonders if the cases are connected.
Brothers, The Ben Matlock has a hunch his client, Dr. Lowell Carr, could be guilty of murdering his partner and framing a patient for the crime. However, Matlock’s case is complicated by the discovery that Dr. Carr has an identical twin, Gary, who could also be involved.
Cover Girl, The Sometimes looks can kill. Three beautiful young models are suspected of murdering their agent following their latest photo-shoot. Upon Conrad’s insistence, Matlock takes on the classic whodunit case.
Biker, The Matlock must defend a volatile biker accused of murdering a popular actress, a task made even more difficult thanks to his client’s tough and unhelpful nature.
Broker, The When a prime suspect in a murder case kills himself, the chances of finding the murder weapon used to commit the crime may die with him. When Ben jumps in to help Julie with the case, Matlock’s gut tells him that Julie could be the true killer’s next victim.
Fighter, The Ben Matlock finds no shortage of shady characters when scandal and murder rocks the training camp of boxer Billy Leon just before the biggest match of his career. Ben must quickly determine if Leon is a violent man who killed a newsman, or a championship contender someone wants out of the way.
Critic, The Nobody likes a critic. Matlock must defend a playwright accused of killing a critic after a less than favorable review. As he searches for clues, Matlock discovers that there was more than one person who wanted the critic dead.
Parents, The A young couple’s dreams of having a family are crushed when their surrogate birth mother changes her mind, and when the pregnant women turns up dead, the couple are the prime suspects.
Man of the Year, The In a time when Matlock should be celebrating the honor of being named Atlanta’s Man of the Year, he seems to be plagued with nothing but trouble. Miles away from his celebration luncheon, Matlock finds himself stranded, and that is the least of his problems.
Arsonist, The Matlock likes things just the way they are, especially when it comes to his suits. When he gets a new suit made at his usual tailor’s shop, he finds his waistline is not the only thing that’s changed. There’s an arsonist who wants to burn the shop to the ground, and one of the shop’s partners turns up dead.
Formula, The The creator of a revolutionary formula to cure baldness is murdered, and his closest friend is on the hook for the crime. Now, Matlock must try to find the truth, even when his client can’t seem to keep his story straight.
Trial Part 1, The When a district attorney is murdered, it’s up to Matlock to investigate the man’s checkered past. While following a lead, Matlock stumbles on a lawsuit with Maxwell Toys.
Trial Part 2, The Matlock attempts to wrap up the case involving the murder of a district attorney, but the brick wall his competition has put up is proving difficult to navigate.
Accident, The Even the best partnerships are sometimes doomed to failure. In his latest case, Matlock must defend a client accused of murdering their partner after a case goes wrong.
Celebrity, The When you’re famous, anonymity is something that’s hard to come by. In his latest case, Matlock must defend a famous actress turned cosmetics mogul accused of murdering an ex-boyfriend.
Witness Killings Part 1, The Matlock’s reluctant return for his hometown’s bicentennial celebration is fraught with unresolved conflicts and outright resentment from the town who felt he “left them behind.” His relatives pry into his personal life, but he tries to put his best foot forward.
Witness Killings Part 2, The Noel Ferguson arrives in Ben’s hometown to complete his college thesis on small town life.  He finds the community annoyed by his “snooping.” He also finds evidence linking a respected member of the town to a long unsolved crime, and is subsequently murdered! When Ben serves as the accused’s lawyer, he becomes the town’s worst enemy.
Strangler, The When Matlock takes on his latest case, he gets more than he bargained for. While digging for clues, Matlock unwittingly sets himself up as the killer’s next target. In a race against time Matlock must bring down the serial killer before his entire law career goes up in flames.
Nightmare, The A tour bus stop in a ghost town becomes more than Matlock bargained for when a bump on the head takes him straight back in time to the Wild West.  Ben finds himself defending an innocent man accused of a crime he didn’t commit. It’s a Wild Western show that puts Matlock in a showdown.
Marriage Counselor, The Marriage takes work, something Matlock’s insurance broker learns first hand. However, when his marriage therapist turns up dead, he finds himself the prime suspect. As Matlock searches for clues in the case, he finds the marriage counselor had a destructive habit that may have led to his murder.
Dame, The Sometimes the past really can come back to haunt you!  While out to lunch with one of his colleagues, Matlock runs into a woman from his younger days. The chance run-in reminds him of the first case he worked with his father.
Suspect Part 1, The Matlock defends a young socialist accused of murdering her aging husband. Matlock begins to wonder if he is letting his feelings interfere in the case. Meanwhile, Michelle defends a father accused of murdering the man who got his child hooked on drugs.
Suspect Part 2, The After winning the case of a young socialist accused of murdering her husband, Matlock thinks he may have let his feelings blind him from the truth. Meanwhile, Michelle continues her defense of a father accused of murdering the man responsible for getting his child hooked on drugs.
Defense, The When a teenager is arrested for murdering his abusive father, the D.A. in charge of the case plans to prosecute him as an adult and to the fullest extent of the law. Now, Matlock must prove the teen acted in self-defense, even though there is mounting pressure to convict the boy.
Game Show, The When a game show host of “It’s About Time” is accused of murdering his producer, Matlock must defend him. In order to get a better grasp on the facts, Michelle goes undercover. Things get dicey when Ben falls for the shows attractive co-host, putting the case in serious jeopardy.
Foursome, The When a millionaire is accused of murdering his daughter’s suitor, Matlock offers his old friend his help. During the course of his investigations, Matlock finds out that his friend is not the only one that had issues with the deceased.
Picture Part 1, The Matlock’s client is accused of murdering her husband and the evidence against her is overwhelming. Ben’s thinks there is a connection between the man’s death and a strange photograph placing the victim at a party he did not attend. Matlock begins to believe this case involves more than a local murder.
Picture Part 2, The Matlock’s search for evidence to prove his client did not kill her husband uncovers a ring of counterfeiters with ties the mob, and they will pay any price, including murder, to keep their activity a secret.
Outcast Part 1, The When Matlock assists a young, immigrant farmhand on the way to fertile fishing grounds, the trouble begins. Matlock soon finds the small town of Lone Pine may be the most unfriendly, loneliest places on earth when he attempts to get to the bottom of the young farmhand’s mysterious death.
Outcast Part 2, The It seems the entire population of Lone Pine is involved in the cover-up of a mysterious death. As Ben uses his crime solving skills to unravel the web of conspiracy, one thing is certain. This is one fishing trip Matlock will be talking about for years – if he lives to tell about it.
Big Payoff, The When a commercial producer is murdered, a disgruntled director takes the rap. Matlock hands the case to his assistants in order to paint his house.  When Ben hires a young man looking for work to help paint, he learns the hired help is a better singer than a painter.
Abduction, The Who knew attending a routine law seminar could be deadly? When a former classmate of Matlock’s gives him information on an upcoming mob hit, he turns up dead and Michelle is kidnapped. In a last ditch effort to save Michelle, Matlock decides to confront the mob, even though the consequences could be deadly.
Mr. Awesome In his latest case, Matlock defends a young single mother accused of murdering her unfaithful ex-boyfriend. The only witness to the crime is the woman’s autistic son whose only mode of communication is through his art. Now, Matlock must somehow interpret the clues in hope of proving the young mother’s innocence.
Evening News Part 1, The Matlock’s latest client is a disgraced news reporter, who after flubbing several high profile news stories has been fired. When his co-worker is found murdered, he finds himself accused of the crime. As Matlock investigates the facts behind the case, he realizes the story is bigger than he previously imagined.
Evening News Part 2, The In a cruel twist of fate, the real murderer involved in Matlock’s latest case turns up dead. Matters go from bad to worse when a real estate con Matlock and his team recently exposed threatens to put this case in further jeopardy.
Assassination Part 1, The Sometimes everything that can go wrong does. When Matlock’s daughter comes home for a visit, a judge is accused of sexual assault. Despite his reservations about taking on the case, Matlock accepts. After charming the jury, he wins the case, but not everything is as it seems.
Assassination Part 2, The After getting his client off for murder, the judge is once more caught up in a murder case. A chairman’s wife is found poisoned and all evidence points to the judge. When Matlock’s daughter takes on the judge as her client, it causes a divide between father and daughter.
Vacation Part 1, The To celebrate their impending partnership, Matlock, Leanne, and three of her closest friends head to the beach for some well-deserved vacation time. But, when Matlock runs into the brother of the woman he once dated, their vacation takes a deadly turn.
Vacation Part 2, The Ben and Leanne’s vacation takes a deadly turn when a person is murdered and they must defend a friend of Leanne’s when she becomes the prime suspect.
Legacy Part 1, The Matlock’s latest case involves a man accused of murdering the son of a well-known playwright. His client believes that Matlock is taking the case only because Charlie Matlock convicted his father of murdering the playwright’s father 40 years ago.
Legacy Part 2, The Although another man confesses to the murder, Ben’s client still isn’t off the hook. Matlock and his team look into the deceased man’s girlfriend and her connection to the case. While Leanne believes Charlie is innocent of the murder so long ago, the team decides to investigate the old case files.
Ghost, The When a close friend of Ben’s is murdered, he comes back from the grave and asks Matlock to defend his wife, who is the key suspect of the crime. Concerned that he is losing his marbles, Ben is still determined to follow the trail of clues leading to the real killer.
Class, The While giving a law class a speech about his career, the students ask Matlock how to pull off the perfect murder. When a law student turns up dead, Matlock is blamed for inciting one of the students to commit the crime. Matlock and Leanne decide to use the students to aid in the investigation in an effort to catch a killer.
Singer, The After a country music star is found murdered, a former employee is charged with the crime. When he hires Matlock to defend him, the claim that he’s being set up by the policeman investigating the case begins to look more and more likely.
Mark, The Guest Star Randy Travis. When Country Singer Billy Wheeler comes back to town $250,000 richer after having won the lottery, he soon falls for contractor Judy Wilson. Unfortunately, when she takes him and every other partner for a ride, Billy is accused of her murder and Matlock has to clear his name.
Juror, The Matlock’s plans for a birthday trip come to a halt when he is called for jury duty. Despite his beliefs that he wouldn’t make a good juror, Matlock ends up being selected to participate as a juror in a murder trial. When Matlock becomes sure of the defendant’s innocence, the other jurors are furious and want to sentence him to death.
Fortune Part 1, The When a millionaire turns up dead of an apparent suicide and his girlfriend turns up missing, it’s up to Matlock to find the missing woman. After discovering the millionaire’s death was no suicide, a nephew recently cut out of the will may become the prime suspect.
Fortune Part 2, The While Matlock sends Cliff undercover to find the truth regarding the millionaire’s death, he stumbles onto a little information on his own. His client, while innocent of his uncle’s murder, might not be completely on the straight and narrow.
Debt, The When Leanne chooses to defend her ex-husband in a murder trial, Matlock has strong objections. Despite her father’s feelings, Leanne is insistent that her past will not have an effect on the case. After discovering his former son-in-law’s possible motives for killing his boss, Matlock’s dislike for him grows.
Revenge, The When Matlock testifies as a witness in a robbery case, everything that can go wrong does go wrong.  Important evidence goes missing, and Matlock begins to wonder if he’s being set up.  A desperate Ben turns to his colleagues to search through old cases to find the person responsible.
Obsession, The Dreams are a powerful thing. After a series of troubling nightmares regarding the murder of a well-known doctor, Matlock begins to wonder if he has special insight. Thanks to the lack of clues surrounding the doctor’s death, Matlock turns to his dreams for answers.
Divorce, The Matlock gets caught in the middle when two psychiatrists go to court to make their divorce final. In this ‘War of the Roses,’ Matlock finds himself battling it out against his opposing counsel, his daughter. Meanwhile, Ben is faced with a suit from a conman insisting he was injured while on Matlock’s property.
Final Affair Part 1, The A candidate in the running for a top job at the local church is found murdered, along with his wife.  The prime suspect is the man the wife was seeing. Matlock sends a P.I. undercover and finds not everything going on behind church doors is as it should be.
Final Affair Part 2, The While trying to wrap up his latest case, Matlock invites a homeless man to live with him in order to find out more about the tangled web of lies and secrets surrounding the murder case. It isn’t long before he uncovers a drug smuggling operation being run out of the church where victims were members.
Competition, The When a young piano student is found dead, her death is ruled a suicide. Not willing to accept his daughter’s death, a grieving father turns to Ben to review the case. As Matlock investigates the details surrounding the talented musician’s death, he begins to suspect ambition may have been the motive for murder.
Play, The When Matlock is fired from his role as a detective in an amateur stage production, he never expects to hear from the producer again. However, when the leading lady turns up dead and the director finds himself accused of murder, he calls on Ben for help.
Fatal Seduction Part 1, The When Matlock, his daughter, and Cliff journey to the Carolinas for a friend’s funeral, they stumble onto a murder case. Two men have turned up dead, and the two female suspects just may be playing a game of fatal attraction.
Fatal Seduction Part 2, The Leanne moves on a plan to confirm her suspicions about two attractive murder suspects.   Cliff is sent as bait, on a mission to attract, expose and bring down two dangerous suspects in a murder trial.
Diner, The Matlock recalls his first case back in the 1960’s. Fresh out of law school and home visiting his father, Charlie, Matlock finds himself involved in a racially charged case. He must defend a talented African American cook charged with murdering the white sheriff known more for bullying people than upholding the law.
View, The When Matlock falls ill while attending a wedding and retires to his hotel room, instead of getting some much needed rest, he witnesses a woman under attack.  When the woman turns up dead the following day, Matlock goes to the police and sets out to find the killer.
Last Laugh, The Murder is no laughing matter. An aging comedian fights to keep his job, as an up-and-coming comedian tries to replace him. When the young, rival comic turns up dead, and the aging comedian finds himself accused of the murder, the old comic turns to Matlock for help.
Capital Offense, The When a woman is murdered and robbed, a well-known conman is arrested for the crime.  With an eyewitness swearing he saw the conman commit the crime, the odds are stacked solidly against him. Now, Matlock must race against time to prove his client’s innocence before he is executed for the murder.
Haunted Part 1, The Despite Matlock’s disapproval, Cliff secures a private client. Matters get increasingly worse when the plastic surgeon being sued by Cliff’s new client turns up dead. Suspicions turn to a woman who seemed to have everything to gain from the doctor’s death.
Haunted Part 2, The When a multimillionaire turns up dead, Matlock uncovers a murder plot that involves two of his family members. A man goes to extraordinary measures in order to save himself from suspicion. Matlock must find the complex cover up to prove the truth before the guilty parties get away with murder.
Conspiracy, The Matlock is called to defend a law associate accused of murder. The victim of the crime was the associate’s boss, who recently believed his this assistant botched a case involving a chemical company. As the police close in on the case, Ben begins to realize there is evidence of blackmail and jury tampering.
Matlock’s Bad, Bad, Bad Dream Matlock dreams he is a down on his luck lawyer with a passion for both the drink and the club scene. He takes a case defending a night club owner who is accused of killing the club’s saxophone player.
Defendant, The Sometimes love is blind… when Leanne falls for Matlock’s new philanthropist client, things get a little complicated.  Matlock must turn a blind eye to his daughter’s infatuation and defend his client who is accused of murdering his business partner.
Kidnapping Part 1, The After an attempt to kidnap Leanne is foiled, Matlock’s friend is taken instead. As if losing his friend wasn’t bad enough, Matlock finds himself in the middle of investigating a case where an eight year old boy has also been kidnapped. It isn’t long before Matlock begins to wonder if the two crimes might be connected.
Kidnapping Part 2, The As Matlock attempts to close in on the kidnappers of his friend, an FBI agent that was instrumental in the case is arrested. Matlock believes this FBI agent, and new client, is being framed not only for the murder of a fellow agent but also for the kidnapping of the young boy.
Temptation, The Sometimes thievery takes some planning. When a professional thief sets his sights on Leanne’s antique jewelry collection, he uses the written word to make her fall in love with him. In order to get what he is really after, the master thief must use the secrets found in Leanne’s journals.
Crook, The Matlock’s latest client is a friend from church who has a problem with taking things that don’t belong to him. So when a whistle blower who reported him for stealing rare books turns up dead, he turns to Ben, his fellow choir member to help prove his innocence.
Murder Game, The While playing a mystery game at a stately island mansion, Matlock discovers the ‘victim’ in the game has been murdered in real life. In the matter of one evening, the island hideaway goes from perfect vacation spot to crime scene and Ben is on the case.
Brennen There is a reason why lawyers shouldn’t be friends. When Matlock and the D.A. are pitted against each other in a murder trial, their friendship quickly comes to an end. During the course of his investigation, Matlock begins to wonder if the D.A. could actually be the guilty party.
P.I., The When Matlock helps a down-on-his-luck P.I. find his long-lost daughter, the father and daughter team end up working together to solve the toughest murder case of the father’s career, while building a relationship that changes their lives forever.
Godfather, The Family or not, Matlock regrets agreeing to hold a pre-wedding party for his bride-to-be goddaughter. Fights among the many freeloading guests leave his home in shambles and an old family feud somehow escalates into a murder!
Idol Part 1, The When a young attorney and his girlfriend get tangled up in a blackmail and murder scheme, the young attorney turns to the man he idolizes and imitates in court, Ben Matlock, to solve the case and set him free.
Idol Part 2, The As the case involving blackmail and a murder scheme intensifies, Matlock must use all of his wits, considerable talent and experience to get his young clients out of the mess they have created.
Accused Part 1, The Why would anyone confess to a murder they didn’t commit? Ben’s trying to help his reporter friend beat a murder charge, but when she’s caught in a lie even Ben isn’t convinced she’s innocent. It’s a puzzling question for Matlock until a probe of his client’s past reveals she’s a journalist on a desperate mission.
Accused Part 2, The When blackmail leads to murder, the evidence leads straight to Ben’s old reporter-friend and client.  When she decides not to talk, even Ben is starting to have his doubts of her innocence. While everyone thinks she is guilty, Ben must work hard to prove his friend’s innocence.
Scandal, The Matlock’s latest client is an attorney accused of murdering her boss. While searching for information to help her case, Matlock discovers the victim was known to harass his female employees. In order to save his client, he must bring the victim’s crimes to light.
Dare, The After a wealthy philanthropist tells Matlock that he is incapable of solving a true murder, he has Matlock’s best friend murdered. Now, in order to bring down a diabolical killer, Ben must search for clues that will prove the truth and expose the killer.
Tabloid, The Matlock’s latest case lands him in the middle of a world where lies and scandal are the order of the day. When his client, a U.S. senatorial candidate, is accused of murdering a tabloid editor, Ben sends Jerri undercover. He must rely on his newest colleague to sort through the clues and prove his client’s innocence.
Coach, The They say you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, but in this case Matlock’s client is accused of murdering the one person responsible for his team’s success.  Now, Ben must discover what the victim was hiding in order to prove his client’s innocence.
Dating Game, The Matlock’s latest client is very unlucky in love. After striking out with a woman he’d been set up with by a local dating service, the object of his affections turns up dead.  It’s up to Ben and his team to set a trap and catch the killer in order to get an innocent man off the hook for murder.
Confession, The Matlock enlists Julie’s help in a case of wrongful imprisonment. As he searches the case files he discovers falsified evidence that put an innocent man in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. In order to prove his client’s innocence, Matlock must look past the conspiracy surrounding the case and find the truth.
Dead Air When one half of a radio show duo turns up dead, all suspicions land on his co-host. Determined to prove his innocence, the accused goes to Matlock for help. Despite her air-tight alibi, Matlock suspects it was not his client who committed the murder, but the victim’s girlfriend.
Getaway, The Matlock has his hands full when it comes to this latest case. The only witness to his client’s innocence is a twelve-year-old boy, and he is refusing to tell Ben anything for free. In order to get to the truth, Matlock must also agree to defend the boy’s father, who has been charged with murder.
Verdict, The A young assistant D.A. learns that she will be prosecuting her old boyfriend. To make matters worse, her ex has secured Ben Matlock as his defense attorney. All feelings aside, the young attorney must do her best to put her old beau behind bars.
Deadly Dose, The After a surgical mix up and resulting malpractice suit, a doctor turns up dead. When the doctor’s surgical nurse, who is Jerri’s sister, finds herself accused of murder, Matlock must take the case. Ben finds the odds are stacked against his client.  She has the murder weapon, and a very good reason to want the doctor dead.
Target, The An enjoyable fishing excursion turns deadly when a judge, and personal friend, is killed the moment Matlock steps off the boat. While trying to find the person who killed the judge, Ben discovers that the judge may not have been the killer’s intended target.
Heist Part 1, The Cliff’s preparation for an upcoming triathlon is over-shadowed by four bank robber’s intent on recovering what they stole and stashed in a hiding place. When Matlock’s friend, an ex-FBI agent, foils their plan, he finds himself facing a murder rap.
Heist Part 2, The When Matlock’s friend, an ex-FBI agent, foils four robbers’ plan, he finds himself facing a murder rap.  Now it’s up to Ben to step in and attempt to crack the case, proving his friend’s innocence in the process.
Scam Part 1, The After a sudden disruption at a gala given by two scam artists, a man finds himself accused of murder. Matters turn from bad to worse when the prominent attorney defending him becomes embroiled in a blackmail scheme that threatens to put his innocent client in jail.
Scam Part 2, The Cliff and Jerri take over the case to help out their attorney friend, but Cliff soon finds himself accused of murdering one of the people involved in the blackmail. Now, Matlock must come to his friend’s defense in order to unravel the tangled web that has trapped both his colleagues.
Assault, The Ben’s latest birthday turns sour when his car breaks down and the barbecue he’s picked up for his party is stolen. When a Good Samaritan comes to his rescue, Matlock is determined to repay the favor, even if it means facing an attorney who is known to be very tough in the court room.