Cody, Bubba and Booger interview famous cowboys with exciting occupations.

Coffee with a Cowboy

Bubba, Cody, and Booger from INSP’s original series, The Cowboy Way, grab their favorite cup of joe and sit down to chat with their famous cowboy friends. From a Rodeo Clown to a Chuck Wagon Cook, and everything in between, they talk about family, the cowboy lifestyle, and their exciting occupations, proving that there’s no one way to cowboy. The conversations are genuine, the bonds are real, and each interview is good to the last drop.


Bubba Thompson talks with Kent Rollins

Bubba enjoys a cup of coffee with Kent Rollins, a famous Chuck Wagon Cook and storyteller.



Cody Harris talks with Joe Beaver


Cody shares good conversation over coffee with one of his personal heroes, Joe Beaver, a Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer.


Booger Brown talks with Dan James

Booger sips coffee and speaks with Road to the Horse 2020 Horseman’s Host, Dan James.



Cody Harris talks with Flint Rasmussen

Cody shares a laugh and good coffee with PBR Rodeo Clown, Flint Rasmussen.