Things You Might Not Know About…Booger Brown

We know he’s funny, charming, and can practically speak to horses and dogs in their own languages, but there’s a whole lot more to The Cowboy Way’s Booger Brown.

Here are a few fun facts about Booger, straight from the cowboy’s mouth.

  1. I raise cow dogs and have my whole life. I currently have 11. Their names are Johnny, Dan, Tater, Boogie, Joe, Sue, Freckles, Rose, Skeeter, and two puppies that I haven’t named yet.
  2. I was the high school Tiger mascot. 
  3. I was raised a cowboy, and I started riding as soon as I could sit up on a horse. 
  4. My great-great-grandfather, Bill Goodhind, came over from England and hid out in Florida and ended up changing his name to Brown to evade capture. He began trading with the Seminole Indians at Brown’s Trading Post on the Big Cypress Reserve in South Florida. That’s how my family got into the livestock business, and I carry that on today. 
  5. My grandmother has the best banana pudding in the world. 
  6. I can’t live without macaroni and cheese. 
  7. I hate to have any stubble. I shave every day. 
  8. I have a tendency to lose everything. 
  9. I’m a morning person, and I’m at 100% from the moment I wake up. 
  10. Matthew is a morning person just like me, and I think that’s why we get along so great. 
  11. I raise and train horses.

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