Things You Might Not Know About…Cody Harris

We know he’s driven, practical, the type of guy who doesn’t back down from a challenge, and can rope a calf like the champion he is, but there’s a whole lot more to The Cowboy Way’s Cody Harris.

Here are a few fun facts about Cody, straight from the cowboy’s mouth.

  1. I was steer-wrestling one day and steer set up and the horn caught my jaw and broke my jaw and slung me in front of the hazing horse. He kicked me in the back of the head and caused me to be deaf in one ear.
  2. My most memorable rodeo win was the PCA in 2009 winning the year-end champion prize.
  3. I went to college to get a degree in aviation engineering and then I flew home for Christmas and realized I hated planes. I quickly changed careers.
  4. I got voted most likely to owe you $5 in 8th grade.
  5. I can’t stand for my food to touch. I also have to eat my food counter clockwise.
  6. I’m dyslexic.
  7. I am really good with numbers. Ask me anything.
  8. I was convinced that Carter was going to be a girl – we had only a girl name picked out and everything.
  9. I can do 100 pull-ups without stopping.
  10. I met my wife at the same finals as my most memorable win in #2.


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