Rory Calhoun stars! When Simon Bhumer and his daughter Lolly run into his old gang, things get complicated. The gang wants Simon back, gang leader Cully wants Lolly—and rampaging Apaches want them dead!


Four Guns to the Border (1954)

Rory Calhoun, Walter Brennan, and Colleen Miller star in this Western that’s got outlaws, bar brawls, bullets flying, renegade Apaches, and romance! Reformed gunslinger Simon Bhumer, and Lolly, his beautiful but naïve daughter, dream of owning a ranch in New Mexico. However, there’s trouble ahead—and it’s Simon’s former gang. When they cross paths, gang leader Cully falls for Lolly and Simon does not approve. Even worse, smoke signals indicate rampaging Apaches are looming!