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Test Your High Chaparral Trivia Knowledge!

The High Chaparral: WEEKDAYS | 8AM ET & SATURDAYS | 1PM ET

How well do you know The High Chaparral? Some questions are easy. Some are a bit more challenging. There’s no score, no result, just a way for fans to have some fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a cool fact you can impress your friends with!


1. The High Chaparral was unusual in that they filmed on location. Where did they shoot?

2. Name the two sets of brothers on the show.

3. Who gave the High Chaparral ranch its name?

4. Which actor from another INSP show was best man at High Chaparral Production Manager, Kent McCray’s wedding?

5. Name Blue’s horse.

6. How much does John Cannon pay his ranch hands?

7. In which Broadway show did Leif Erickson, the actor who portrays John Cannon, perform?

8. On which side of the Civil War did John Cannon fight: Union or Confederate?

9. Bob Hoy, who played Joe Butler, was often the stunt double for which actor?

10. Big John is challenged to a game of chess or cards. Which does he choose?