Test Your High Chaparral Trivia Knowledge! Part 2

The High Chaparral: WEEKDAYS | 3AM ET

How well did you do on our first round of The High Chaparral Trivia? Let’s go for round 2! Remember, some questions are easy. Some are a bit more challenging. There’s no score, no result, just a way for fans to have some fun and dazzle your friends with your in depth knowledge of cool High Chaparral facts. Didn’t play round 1? Try it here.



The High Chaparral creator, David Dortort, was responsible for another famous Western that also airs on INSP. Which one is it?

How did Blue get his name?

On which side of the Civil War did Buck fight: Union or Confederate?

Who was the tallest cast member?

The High Chaparral is set in which year? 1870? 1873? Or 1871?

Linda Cristal speaks 4 other languages besides English. Name them.

Mark Slade, who played Blue is a man of many talents, actor, artist, author. What other skill is he adept at?

Name Wind’s horse.

What were the names of Sam Butler’s wife and daughter?

In the first season, which cast member received the most fan mail?