The Masterson Brothers Part I

With a deadline looming, reporter Bat Masterson and his young copy boy, Edgar, frantically search the office for a misplaced story. When Edgar’s wife, Ellie, arrives to help, she stumbles upon an old photograph of Bat Masterson and his two brothers, Ed and James. The photo takes Bat back in time to 1878, when Ed is marshal of Dodge City, and Bat is sheriff. When a fight breaks out at a local saloon, Ed is shot in the shoulder and narrowly escapes with his life. In response, Ed hastily bans all firearms within town limits. Most townspeople, including Bat, are opposed to the heavy-handed order, and Ed becomes a target for the town’s troublemakers. At the time, Dodge City is known as the ‘Wickedest town in the West,’ and it is only a matter of time before someone challenges the new ordinance. When gunfire finally erupts, Ed stands his ground and Bat races to his side. As Bat relates the tragic story to Edgar and Ellie, he reveals a surprising twist that never made it into the newspapers of the day.