Annie Oakley & Buffalo Bill's Wild West Showdown

At the peak of its popularity, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West is one of the most famous outdoor shows in the world, and the undisputed star of the show is a female sharpshooter named Annie Oakley. Buffalo Bill, who isn’t used to being upstaged, is more than a little jealous of all the attention Annie is receiving, so when he finds himself in a contract dispute with Annie, he hires a new female sharpshooter, Lillian Smith. As the rivalry between Annie and Lillian escalates, the future of the show is put at risk, along with Buffalo Bill’s long friendship with Annie. Years later, Annie is seriously injured in a train wreck and gunfighter-turned-reporter Bat Masterson rushes to the hospital to find out what happened. He discovers a solemn Buffalo Bill in the waiting room, and while they wait for word of Annie’s condition, Buffalo Bill confesses his shame in how he treated Annie and how he attempted to repair their relationship.