Al Jennings and the Legend of Dick West

While working as an attorney, Al Jennings grows bored of his tedious career and dreams of the gunslinging adventures he reads in dime novels. After a chance encounter with the notorious outlaw Dick West in a local tavern, Al and his brother Frank agree to join West’s gang. But during their very first robbery attempt, Jennings’ mask slips, and he is recognized by the shop owner. Feeling guilty about his new life of crime, Jennings is ready to go back to town and return to his boring life. But West reminds him that he is now a wanted man and Jennings’ brother persuades him to stick with the gang to realize the exciting life they always dreamed about. In the end, with law closing in, Jennings realizes a life of crime isn’t as glamorous as he thought it would be. Years later, gunfighter-turned-newspaperman Bat Masterson catches up with Jennings to find out how his real-life outlaw adventure turned out in the end.