Meet J Storme

J Storme Birdwell

Age: 30

Occupation: Rancher

Hometown: Hamshire, Texas

Competed: Season 1


J Storme Birdwell is one tough fourth-generation cowboy. When she first competed on Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, she wanted the country to know that women can do anything men can do—and she proved just that, with skill, smarts, guts, and grit.


J Storme grew up on her family’s cattle ranch, learning from the best—her grandparents. Over the years, the family faced many of the ups and downs of ranch life, including having to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc. She credits her grandma for showing her how to stay tough in a male-dominated industry.


Much has changed for J Storme (Hint: Now J Storm Birdwell) since we saw her last. In 2021, she reconnected with and married Jacob, and in July 2022, the couple welcomed their first baby girl, Jennings. Being a wife, and mother to an infant hasn’t slowed J Storme down. She continues to work the family ranch and compete in local roping competitions. But a new baby will surely change one’s perspective and priorities. In the last year, after losing her great uncle, J Storme has focused her energies on saving the family ranch. With the birth of Jennings, she’s more determined than ever to preserve her family legacy and ensure that she will be able to raise her daughter with the same lifestyle and values that made her into the strong woman—and cowboy—she is.